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HWF Christmas Carnage

#1 Contender's Match for the HWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

(Winner challenges Justin Sane in the main event)

Hell in a Cell

JTD defeated Flying Devil and Amazing Punk via pinfall

In an extremely hardcore match that went all over the arena, JTD came out on top.

The ending began when JTD hit Punk with Devil's finisher, The Devil's Whisper.

Amazing Punk shocked the world when he kicked out of the pin.

Then, Flying Devil hit Amazing Punk with another Devil's Whisper and went for the pin.

JTD was able to break it up but got knocked down by Flying Devil immediately after.

Flying Devil hit Punk with a third Devil's Whisper.

Before Devil could go for the pin, JTD got up and threw him into the corner and stole the victory.

As a result, JTD became the Number One Contender for the HWF World Championship.




Regular Singles

TNT Vs. Warlock

TNT defeated Warlock via pinfall

In his HWF debut, TNT defeated Warlock with a dominant victory.

What will be next for this new HWF wrestler?




#1 Contender's Match for the HWF Extreme Rules Championship

(Winner challenges Chance later in the show)

Extreme Rules

Terumi Vs. Christopher Demon

Christopher Demon defeated Terumi via pinfall

Not only was this a very extreme match, but it was also extremely close.

Both wrestlers came close to winning.

Demon barely won when he hit Terumi with the Pearl Harbor finishing move.

As a result, Christopher Demon became the Number 1 Contender for the HWF Extreme Rules Championship.





Regular Tag

The Dashing Duo (C) Vs. Dynamite and Amazing Punk

The Dashing Duo (C) defeated Dynamite and Amazing Punk via pinfall

This team received a title shot when Nero Sin and Viktor Marax did not show up.

This was easily one of the best tag matches in HWF history.

The Dashing Duo finally came out on top when Dashing Dustin hit Amazing Punk with the GTS.

Even though they were not victorious this time, Punk and Dynamite proved themselves in the tag division.

What will be next for both amazing teams?





Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

Chance (C) Vs. Christopher Demon

Christopher Demon defeated Chance (C) by climbing a ladder and grabbing the title.

This was perhaps the most extreme match of the night.

Both men took a lot of dangerous and painful spots.

Christopher Demon was outside of the ring holding steel steps.

Chance dove through the ropes and went head-first into the steps.

Demon got back into the ring and set up a ladder.

Chance then got back in the ring only to get hit with a Pearl Harbor.

Demon then climbed up the ladder and grabbed the title.

Christopher Demon may be champion, but there is a rematch in Chance's future.






Champion's Choice Match

Steel Cage Escape Only

Justin Sane (C) Vs. JTD

Justin Sane (C) defeated JTD by escaping the cage

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