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Rules and Regulations
*This list is currently being drastically updated due to gameplay changes in WWE 2K16 on Xbox One

General Rules
1. Every member of the HWF is allowed to have up to 4  male CAWS and 1 female CAW. (Edited 2/12/16)
2. All CAWS must be realistic in moveset and looks.
3. If you choose multiple CAWS, they are permanent unless given permission to change.
4. If you have multiple CAWS, they will be booked as different wrestlers. For example, if you win a title with one CAW, you can not defend it with your other CAW.
6. No spamming of any moves.
7. You MUST decide if your CAW is a face or a heel. Faces can not wrestle like heels, and vice versa.
8.. Treat other members with respect, and do not use excessive profanity. (Added 8/22/11)

9. You must realize that all times posted on this site are in EASTERN TIME. (Added 8/22/11)

11. Make matches realistic and enjoyable for everyone. (Added 8/29/11)

10. Realistic move set -No Super Heavyweights with springboard and vise versa. (Added 8/29/11)

11. NEVER leave during a match! If your opponent is breaking rules, let an HWF leader know and we will handle it. (Added 9/2/11)
12. "Waiting" is not allowed during matches. (Added 6/17/15) This is when your opponent is groggy and you wait several seconds before doing a move. "Waiting" makes moves harder to counter and makes matches look less realistic. If you are caught doing this on purpose, you will be punished.
13. NO COMPLAINING. (Added 6/17/15) You are not to complain about matches, results, opponents, kickout meters, etc. If your opponent is breaking a rule, politely let us know and we will take care of it. Do not complain about a kickout meter after being hit with a finisher. Finishers are supposed to be hard to kick out of. This is a place to have fun and friendly competition. If you are a complainer, HWF is NOT the place for you. 

Move Limits
1. In tag team matches, each team is allowed 3 interferences of the illegal partners: Breaking up pins/submissions and corner interferences do not count. (Edited 2/1/12) 

2. You should not use a finisher as a regular grapple unless given specific permission. (Added 8/29/11)

3.  You may only use submissions as wear-down moves.  You are not allowed to win matches by submission (Added 2/12/16)

1. Title matches are awarded to people when they work hard, play by all the rules, are active on the website, and win Number One Contender Matches.
2. Money in the Bank winners have the right to a match for any title at any show. The cash-in may be announced or un-announced. (Edited 12/21/14)
3. If Mr. Money in the Bank decides to cash in on the Tag Titles, he gets to choose his partner. (Added 8/22/11)

4. Mr. Money in the Bank also gets to choose the match type when he cashes in.
5. Mr. Money in the Bank may watch any match involving a champion so long as it does not interfere with that match's stipulation. (Added 12/21/14)

6. If Mr. MITB chooses to watch a match, he is not allowed to earn a finisher from taunting before cashing in. (Added 12/21/14)

7. Mr. MITB is only allowed to interfere in a match without cashing in one time. If he does it twice, he will be stripped of MITB. (Added 12/21/14)

8. Mr. MITB has up to two months from the night of winning it to cash in. (Added 12/21/14)

9. Champions can't compete in contendership matches for other titles. However, they are allowed to win another title through MITB.
(Added 12/21/14)
10. In order for a Champion to earn a rematch clause, he must first have one successful title defense. (Added 12/21/14)

11. If a champion who does not have a rematch clause loses his title, he/she is not eligible to compete for the title for one month. (Edited 2/12/16)
12.  If a Number One Contender loses their title match, he/she is not eligible to compete for that title at the next Super Show. (Added 2/12/16)
13.  A wrestler cannot be in two singles divisions simultaneously.  
However, a wrestler is alowed to compete in a singles division and the tag dvision (Added 2/12/16)

1st Major Offense: Warning
2nd Major Offense: 2 week suspension from shows and parties
3rd Major Offense: Expulsion from the HWF
*If you have any questions, please contact Corey "meantang" Hudson. The HWF reserves the right to edit this rules list as needed.
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