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Dan "The Enigma" Ryan

Age: 26

From: Slate Hill, New York

Debut: 2011

Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Weight: 221 lbs.

Nicknames: The Maverick (2011-2014), The Enigma (2015-present)

Alignment: Face

HWF Accomplishments:

1x HWF World Heavyweight Champion (shortest reign)

1x HWF Extreme Rules Champion

1x HWF Tag Team Champion (w/ Kaza)

1st HWF Triple Crown Champion

Professional Wrestling History

Hardcore Wrestling Federation (2011-2012; 2014-present)

In September 2011, Dan was signed to HWF and was told by HWF Owner Corey Hudson to make an impact or don't even bother to be in this company. Dan would do just that, immediately targetting HWF Extreme Rules Champion Grime, establishing himself as a face. Dan would make his in-ring debut winning a #1 Contender's match against Cameron Korder to earn a match for the Extreme Rules Championship. On the October 3rd edition of HWF Mayhem, Dan would defeat Grime after reversing Grime Time into a roll-up, to win his first singles championship, the HWF Extreme Rules Championship. He would drop the title one week later back to Grime in a rematch. On the following Mayhem, after defeating Kaza in a match, they would be assaulted by HWF Tag Team Champions Flying Devil and Icon. This set up a championship match the following Mayhem where Kaza and Dan would win after Kaza pinned Devil. At All Hallow's Eve, Kaza and Dan would drop the titles to Omega and JTD when JTD pinned Dan.

After losing the Tag Team Championship, Dan would take a break from HWF. On the January 24th, 2012 edition of Mayhem, Dan would make his return as a surprise entrant in a 6-man Elimination Match for the HWF World Heavyweight Championship, which Dan would win after last eliminating Blaze. However, this was short-lived as, even though the referee missed it, Blaze's foot was on the bottom rope, so Corey Hudson forced Dan to defend his newly won championship against Blaze, which Blaze would win. This marked the shortest World Heavyweight Championship reign in HWF history at 12 minutes and 37 seconds. Following this loss, Dan would move to HWF's sister promotion, IWA.

At Hardcore Mania 2014, Dan would make his return to HWF, confronting HWF World Champion Blaze after the main event. During his return, Dan would start a feud with HWF newcomer Tommy Shaw after both men were announced for the HWF World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber, also featuring JTD, Flying Devil, Blaze, and Justin Sane. Dan's first match back would be against Shaw, which Dan would win in about 3 minutes. The next week, during a 6-man Tag Team against Devil, JTD, and Shaw, Dan would suffer a stinger after JTD hit Dan with a JTDDT and be forced to miss the Elimination Chamber because of it. About 3 weeks later, Dan would return in the Money In The Bank match, but fail to win after interference by The Hardcore Society (Shaw, JTD, and Devil). At Tropical Takedown, Dan would lose a Fatal Four Way for the Extreme Rules Championship after being pinned by Chance. After this, Dan would take another hiatus from HWF due to nagging injuries and for family reasons.

In December 2015, it was reported that Dan would be returning to HWF as part of Christmas Carnage. This was later confirmed when Dan would appear as the 6th and final entrant in a World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender's Match featuring Maverick, Flying Devil, JTD, Amazing Punk, and Justin Sane.

Finishing Moves

  • Game Over (Leaping Curbstomp) - 2014
  • Maverick's Way (Rolling Cutter) - 2011-2014
  • Daniel's Comet (High-Angle Senton Bomb) - 2012-2014
  • Enigmatic Finale (Modified Lifting Reverse STO) - 2015-present
  • Determi-KNEE-tion (Shining Wizard) - 2015-present


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