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Maverick's a grizzled veteran wrestler thats been spending his golden years here with the HWF since it's inception.  He was already old when he got here, and the HWF lifestyle has accelerated his aging at an even more rapid rate.  Combine that with his depraved lifestyle... Maverick's got a taste for cheap thrills... if you ain't supposed to do it, he does it.  He likes hard liquor, fast women, and sleazy venues.  He used to have some bad drug addictions, but he's been clean for the duration of his HWF career.

Corey Hudson has worked hard to keep Maverick the lovable scumbag that the HWF has come to know and love, but has reached out to him in his best interests for his health and well-being.  He pushes for Maverick to go to AA meetings, and acts as his sponsor.  He's cleaned up his act enough to make him kid-friendly, as he actually is a becoming a role-model to a growing fan base.

Maverick still has his charms, and can still hold his own, but he is definitely not as active as he used to be.  You can count on him to be around for some of the bigger supershows, and he has never held the HWF World Championship.  That's something he would like to do at least once before his career is over.  If it doesn't happen, he can still be satisfied that he did a lot for this company, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.'

His long time feuds with the other originals have become bittersweet, and he's found a comrade in Youngblood, the only person thats ever truly been a friend to him.  He enjoys a strong bong with Flying Devil as well, and they have a storied rivalry.  JTD has always been a thorn in his side, out-heeling him if you will... and has robbed him of many opportunities.  They'd all still enjoy a good game of poker together though. 


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