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Youngblood has been with the HWF since "nearly" the beginning.  During that time, he's ventured out into the MMA world and travelled the globe fighting in many underground circuits.

His roots were on the streets of Boston, where he was constantly getting in trouble as a youth.  Corey Hudson found him in his mid-twenties, at an underground fight club event he attended early on when trying to recruit and build the HWF brand into what it is today.  He took Youngblood in, and groomed him for the world of professional wrestling.  Youngblood was a natural fit for the hardcore style that is HWF.

Now, Youngblood has sewed his oats in the MMA industry, and has since returned to HWF in Corey's good graces.  He hasn't enjoyed much success since his return, where before he left, he was on top of the food chain, even held the HWF World Championship Title for a brief period.  He has befriended Maverick, and reached out to Amazing Punk in his time here at HWF.  Him and Punk even had a successful tag-team, The Rockers, but working that closely with Punk actually caused Youngblood to have a nervous breakdown.  I doubt Punk ever even had a clue anything was going on, but everyone else saw Youngblood adopt a sinister alter ego of that where he became an evil clown.  Luckily, Punk found his way back on an HWF World Championship Title hunt, and left Youngblood alone long enough for him to come to his senses.

Every now and then, even after tons of therapy, the sinsister evil clown persona resurfaces.  Sometimes YB will just drift off into space for awhile, and other times the split personality takes over for days, sometimes weeks.  There's a telltale stutter, and YB's right eye twitches a lot whenever he's trying to fight his demons.


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