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Ethan Grant

Age: 29

From: Phoenix, Arizona

Debut: 2015

Height: 6'7" 

Weight: 273 lbs.

Nickname: The Destroyer

Alignment: Tweener, leaning on Heel

Ethan Grant is a man with one goal in life. To fight. He doesn't care who it is, where it is, or when. He will fight at any given opportunity. At one point, Ethan was involved in bar fights all over the Southwestern US which ended when Ethan ended up killing a man and was sentenced to 3 years in jail for Involuntary Manslaughter at the age of 25. After Ethan was released, he attempted to get into boxing, but realized that wasn't for him when the referees disqualified him constantly for assaulting opponents while they were down. When word came that the Hardcore Wrestling Federation was coming back, Ethan was signed by Corey Hudson and the rest is history.

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