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Hardcore Wrestling Federation Top 10 #2 (1/8/16)


10.) JTD (Last week; Unranked) - JTD survived an ass-kicking like no other in Sane and Ryan's game of oneupsmanship and ultimately won thanks to a timely chair shot from Sane to Dan, putting him in the Top 10.

9.) Grime (Last Week; Unranked) - The King Of The Extreme Rules Division picked up a win over a mysterious hooded man who challenged him to a match. A decisive win not only puts Grime in the Top 10, but he set his sights on the man who survived the beating delivered by Grime. That man, being Kaza.

8.) Dynamite (Last Week; 10) - Dynamite continues his winning ways after beating Dustin Wolfe and his slow descent up the rankings.

7.) Flying Devil (Last Week; 8.) - A last second change to the Tornado match caused Devil to get pinned by Dan, but thanks to Sane, ultimately pick up the win in the end with his former tag team partner, JTD.

6) Dan Ryan (Last Week; 5) - It was not a good week for the Enigma. While he did get himself a non-title match against the Tag Team Champions for next week, Sane cracked him wide open during their tag match, costing them the win.

5) Kaza (Last week; Unranked) - The Juggalo is baaaaaaaack. Last seen in HWF in 2011, the former Tag Team Champion, shocked the world as a surprise entrant in the HWF World Championship Tournament and picked up a huge win over Chance following a Samurai's Edge-Decap combo.

4) Jin (Last Week; 3) - The Extreme Rules Champion was nowhere to be seen and still doesn't have a challenger for his championship, so he's forced down a spot.

3) Justin Sane (Last Week; 6) - A message. Justin Sane seems to be good at sending them and this week was no different as Sane blasted his "partner" and Winter Of Splinters opponent, Dan Ryan, during their tag match against JTD and Devil, allowing JTD to pick up the win. And then ANOTHER message was sent when Sane put Omega on the shelf with the Sanity Destroyer during the Chaos Championship tournament.

2) Blaze (Last Week; 2) - Just like Jin, the HWF World Champion also wasn't in action this week, but at least has a few people to look forward to at Winter Of Splinters.

1) The Dashing Duo (Last week; 1) - Despite Elise's loss, Cameron kept the Dashing Duo/Trio's momentum strong with a Chaos Tournament win to keep the Tag Champs in the #1 spot.


Honorable Mentions:

Jason Wolfe - Jason may have lost this week, but he's still in the Chaos Tournament.

Terumi - Not being in action this week, Terumi drops out of the Top 10.


HWF Women's Top 3

3) Sugarfoot (Last Week; 2) - Sugarfoot went MIA this week on Mayhem, no doubt preparing for her oncoming championship match with Elegant Elise.

2) Elegant Elise (Last Week; 1) - Elise's first match since winning the championship didn't exactly end on the note she wanted, but she's still the champion at the end of the day. But now, she has a potential challenger should she walk out of Winter Of Splinters with the gold.

1) Queen Shelby (Last Week; 3) - The Queen finally picks up a major win, pinning Elegant Elise decisively on Mayhem in the main event with the Queen's Crossbow, catapulting her to the #1 spot and putting her in the hunt for the HWF Women's Championship.

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