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Hardcore Wrestling Federation Top 10 #3 (1/8/16)


#10 - Dustin Wolfe (Last week; Unranked) - Dustin Wolfe breaks into the Top 10 after not only beating Amazing Punk, but using his OWN finisher against him to put the former World Champion away.

#9 - The Biker Club (Last week; Unranked) - The newly-formed Biker Club of Jason Wolfe and Blake Wells may not have won the #1 Contendership for the HWF Tag Team Championship, but they absolutely destroyed their opponents after the match was all said and done.

#8 - Terumi (Last week; Unranked) - Terumi rebounds back into the Top 10 after knocking off Maverick to advance to the finals of the HWF World Championship tournament.

#7 - TNT (Last week; Unranked) - TNT is surprising the world after advancing to the finals of the HWF World Championship tournament where he'll face Terumi to determine Blaze's next challenger.

#6 - Kaza (Last week; #4) - The always-violent Kaza tried to move up in the World Title standings, but a loss to TNT stopped his World Title aspirations in the semi-finals of the #1 Contender's Tournament.

#5 - Justin Sane (Last week; #4) - Inactivity knocks Sane down a rank, but he may have found his Winter Of Splinters match against Dan a lot easier knowing Dan has to pull double-duty.

#4 - The Meme Maulers (Last week; Dan ranked #6, Krook was unranked) - Dan's tribute to the recently-passed David Bowie aside, it was a very good night to be a troll. Dan and Kevin Krook reunite from IWA, teaming in HWF for the first time to knock off the newly-formed Biker Club and become the new #1 Contenders to the HWF Tag Team Championship, but would be assaulted by them after the match.

#3 - The Dashing Duo (Last week; #1) - It hasn't been a good 2 weeks for the Dashing Duo. The previous week, Elise lost a non-title match to Queen Shelby, then this week they get assaulted by the Biker Club before their original match with the Meme Maulers, and now have to look forward to Winter Of Splinters to face the Maulers for the Tag Championship.

#2 - Jin (Last week; #4) - The Extreme Rules Champion impresses again after knocking the former champion, Tyler Adams, down a peg and proving his win was no fluke.

#1 - Blaze (last week; #2) - The World Champion tops the Top 10 this week after ABSOLUTELY DECIMATING former Extreme Rules Champion Christopher Demon in the main event and sending a message to the HWF Locker Room saying he doesn't care who wins the tournament, the result will be the same.


Honorable Mentions:

Maverick: The former World Champion failed in his quest to become #1 Contender again and drops out of the Top 10 because of it.

Dynamite: Despite Dynamite's winningstreak, he was inactive and everyone else just had a better week which bounces Dynamite off the Top 10 this week.

Grime: Inactivity knocks the King Of Extreme down out of the Top 10 this week.


HWF Women's Top 3

3) Elegant Elise - Inactivity drops the HWF Women's Champion down to the #3 spot this week after sitting on the sidelines due to the Dashing Duo being assaulted before their match by the Biker Club.

2) Mariko - A newcomer to HWF's Womens Division, Mariko makes her debut an impactful one by beating both Tristana and Rebecca in a Triple Threat match to put her in the #3 spot this week.

1) Queen Shelby - While the Queen wasn't in a match this week, she was at ringside to show the Meme Maulers support for their #1 Contender's Match.


Honorable Mentions:

Sugarfoot - Just where has the #1 Contender been? Due to constant inactivity, she's out of the Top 10 this week.

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