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Extreme Rules 3-Way Dance

TNT defeated Jesse Serano and Dashing Dustin by pinning Dustin 



Regular Singles

Dynamite defeated Jack Griffin 



Last Man Standing

Chance defeated Bobby Black in a 50 minute grueling contest


Regular Singles

DY Nasty defeated Dan Ryan

Regular Singles 

Kevin Krook defeated Blaze


HWF Chaos Championship

Extreme Rules 

Justin Sane defeated Ethan Grant in a 20+ minute, extremely hardcore match to win the HWF Chaos Championship


Regular Tag 


Kick Ass Club defeated The Dashing Duo

Cam's hand was on the rope during the match-ending pin


Extreme Rules

Mariko defeated Elise and earned the right to pick the stages in their Women's Championship match at 3 Stages of Hell


Steel Cage

Jesse Serano defeated Christopher Demon


 Fall's County Anywhere

JTD defeated Flying Devil and earned the right to pick the stages in their match at 3 Stages of Hell




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