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Hardcore Wrestling Federation Top 10 #7 (2/12/16)


#10 - Jesse Serrano (Last week; Unranked) - The former HWF Announcer breaks onto the Top 10 this week after beating Christopher Demon inside a Steel Cage, then with a little fast-talking to the GM following a controversial contender's loss, ends up in the Extreme Rules Championship match at 3 Stages Of Hell.

#9 - Chance (Last week; Unranked) - Beating the Extreme Rules Champion, Bobby Black in a Last Man Standing match earned Chance a spot in the Extreme Rules Championship match at 3 Stages Of Hell, but not without others as well. Jesse and TNT also get a shot at Bobby Black in a Gauntlet Match.

#8 - TNT (Last week; Unranked) - TNT gets back onto the Top 10 after pinning Dashing Dustin in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Contender's match to ALSO earn a shot at the Extreme Rules Championship thanks to being inserted into the match at the last second.

#7 - Ethan Grant (Last week; #6) - Ethan Grant won his first singles championship last week, but his reign was also short-lived after losing the Chaos Championship to former World Champion, Justin Sane.

#6 - Blaze (Last week; #5) - Blaze keeps taking hits on the list after coming up short against Meme Mauler, Kevin Krook.

#5 - The Kickass Club (Justin Sane and Jason Wolfe) (Last week; #7) - Great week for The Kickass Club after Justin Sane won the Chaos Championship from a game Ethan Grant as well as beating the HWF Tag Team Champions in a non-title match.

#4 - The Meme Maulers (Dan Ryan and Kevin Krook) (Last week; #4) - The Meme Maulers stay unchanged after Dan lost to D.Y. Nasty and Kevin beat Blaze.

#3 - The Dashing Duo (Cameron Korder and Dashing Dustin) (Last week; #2) - The Tag Team Champions have just been down on their luck lately after Dustin lost a chance at the Extreme Rules Championship and then they lost a non-title match to The Kickass Club.

#2 - Bobby Black (Last week; #3) - Normally, losing a match wouldn't mean you go up in the ranks, but it took almost an hour to put the Extreme Rules Champion down and in the end, was able to decide his challengers and the match for 3 Stages Of Hell. A Gaunlet Match where he defends against TNT, Jesse Serrano, and Chance in that order.

#1 - Terumi (Last week; #2) - The HWF World Heavyweight Champion wasn't in action this week, but challenged Kaza to a Last Man Standing match on Mayhem for next week.


Honorable Mentions:

Christopher Demon - Steel Cages are not the Demon's friend as Jesse beats Demon inside the cage in about 8 minutes to knock Demon off the list this week.

Kaza - Inactivity drops the hyperviolent Kaza out of the Top 10 this week. But he'll get a chance to get back on it if he can beat the champ in a Last Man Standing match next week.

JTD - JTD finally beats Devil in a match and gets to pick the stipulations for their match at 3 Stages Of Hell as a result of it.


HWF Women's Top 3

3) Rebecca - Inactivity keeps Rebecca at #3 this week.

2) Elegant Elise - The Women's Champion had another setback as she lost a non-title match to #1 Contender Mariko.

1) Mariko - Mariko continues to dominate as she pins the HWF Women's Champion in a non-title match and gets to pick the stipulations for 3 Stages Of Hell.


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