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Insania Umbra
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From: Tokyo, Japan

Debut: 2014

Height: 6 foot 7 inches

Weight: 190 Kin


2x Hwf Tag Team Champion

1x HWF World Champion


Terumi was infamous in Japanese wrestling for beating wrestlers to an inch of there life. After many compalints and actually killing a wrestler Terumi was placed on a lifetime ban but it seemed he was a hot topic of many American wrestling federations and in 2014 he was called to the Hardcore Wrestling Federation. The HWF signed Terumi and his wife Lucy quickly and debuted as a Tag team with Grime. The two went on to win the HWF Tag titles twice but after HWF ended it's hiatus Grime and Terumi went fo the titles once more and came up short. After they failed the two decided to pursue singles titles. At Winter of Splinters Terumi captured his first singles title against one of the greatest HWF performers of all time, Blaze, in a Flaming Tables match and sucessfully beating Blaze the following night to keep his Title.


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