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Hardcore Wrestling Federation Top 10 #10 (3/4/16)

#10 - The Meme Maulers (Dan Ryan and Kevin Krook) (Last Week; Ranked #3) The Meme Maulers had an awful week, Kevin Krook got stripped of the Chaos Championship and Dan lost his World title match, but the only reason they made it on this week is because they pulled out a much needed win over the Top Rope District.


#9 - Amazing Punk(Last week; Unranked) - Despite not winning the entire the Second Stage in the Three Stages of Hell gauntlet, Amazing Punk eliminated Bobby Black in one of the most shocking victories.


#8 - Joey Buckets (Last week; Unranked) - In his HWF debut, Joey won the Chaos title and earns himself the #8 spot.


#7 - JTD (Last week; Unranked) - JTD was able to beat Flying Devil tonight evening the score, now in Super Show matches they are tied 1-1. Will there be an end to this rivalry at Hardcoremania? Who knows...


#6 - Kaza (Last week; #7) He said that he would put Grime to rest and at Three Stages of Hell, he did just that and moves up a spot this week.

#5 - The Kickass Club (Blaze and Justin Sane) (Last week; #5 and #6) - The Kickass Club may not of won the gold tonight, but they put on a hell of a show. To end off the show they even helped burn Flying Devil with newest Kickass Club member, JTD.


#4 - Bobby Black (Last Week; #1)- The HWF Extreme Rules champion drops down to spot #4 this week because he ended up dropping his title. Bobby Black put up on a show, but the underdog, Amazing Punk, ended out pulling a huge win from over him.


#3 - Chance (Last week; #10) - At Three Stages of Hell Chance beat Jesse Serrano in the final stage of the Three Stages of Hell Extreme Rules title gauntlet. The people get to see one of their favorite wrestlers win. #ChanceGotHisChance


#2 - The Dashing Duo (Cameran Korder and "Dashing" Dustin) (Last week; #4) - The Dashing Duo had another good Super Show. They were able to defend their tag title in a Three Stages of Hell match against the Kickass Club. They won two stages without the Kickass Club winning any, but still both stages were extreme close.


#1 - Terumi (Last week; #2) - The World Champion was thrown a curve ball when he had to face Dan Ryan, but in the end the champ still defended his title in a Three Stages of Hell match. Challenger Dan Ryan did not get a single stage to his name.


Honorable Mentions:

Jason Wolfe- Returning to action, the big guy put a hurting on newcomer Kit Givens.


Jesse- Despite running the gauntlet to the end and beating Amazing Punk, he came up just short in his quest for the Extreme Rules title.


Kit Givens- He made his debut, but came up short to claim the Chaos title and lost to Jason.


Flying Devil- Flying Devil didn't have a good week, he lost his match at Three Stages and got burned.


HWF Women's Top 3

3) Sugarfoot- Returning to action Sugarfoot won her match with Lisa.


2) Elegant Elise - Elise stays at #2 for the hell of a match she put on with Mariko.


1) Mariko - At Three Stages of Hell, Mariko beat Elise for the HWF Women's title. She won two of the three stages and she remains at #1.


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