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Hardcore Wrestling Federation Top 10 #12 (3/18/16)

#10-  Justin Sane (Last Week; Unranked) Justin Sane was on a huge losing streak, but got out of his slump by team with the Extreme Rules Champ to secure himself in Money in the Bank.

#9- Jesse Serrano (Last Week; Ranked #8) Jesse moves down a spot due to inactivity, maybe he's in the back preparing for his match with Chance.

#8-The Meme Maulers (Dan Ryan and Kevin Krook) (Last Week; Ranked #9) The Meme Maulers' oppponents were a no show this week, so they gained a point in the Round Robin and have secured their spot at Hardcoremania.

#7 - Kaza (Last week; #7) Kaza won his way into Money in the Bank via forfeit and for that stays number 7 this week.

#6 - Christopher Demon (Last Week; Unranked) Christopher Demon defeated Dan Ryan to advance in the World Title Tournament, but also teamed with him in the same night. Demon however wasn't pinned first and lasted longer so he will be in the Money in the Bank loser match.

#5 - Joey Buckets (Last week; #6) - Joey Buckets last week lifted the Chaos Champion curse of losing in your first defense and this week fought his hardest title match yet, despite getting thrown through and off the cell the Chaos Champ prevailed and moves up to #5 this week.

#4 -  Blaze (Last Week #5)- Blaze beat Amazing Punk last week to advance in the World Title Tournament, but this week he was able to beat Jason Wolfe to move up a spot.

#3 - The Dashing Duo (Cameran Korder and "Dashing" Dustin) (Last week; #3) - Half of the Dashing Duo was in action and lost so they remain at #3 this week.

#2- Chance (Last week; #3) - Chance was off the radar one week and then popped up outta no where. I don't know if all this happened by Chance, but the Extreme Rules Champion has yet to lose a match since picking up his tite too. Now Chance has a spot in the Money and the Bank and has to defend against Jesse. All of this taking place at Hardcoremania.

#1 - Terumi (Last week; #1) - The World Champion was scheduled to have a match, but his opponent didn't show up. Terumi has yet to lose a match since he won the title and I don't think he is going to lose a match for a while. For now Terumi stays #1.


Honorable Mentions:

Kickass Club (Syn and Lunic)- The reunion of the Double D's was nice and all, but everyone was talking about the return of Syn and Lunic now as the Kickass Club.

Dan Ryan- Despite losing both of his matches he put up a hell of a fight in both.

Double D's- Losing their reunion match stopped the Dustins in their tracks


HWF Women's Top 3:

3) Elegant Elise- The former Women's Champion drops to #3 due to inactivity 

2) Lisa- Lisa beat Alex Stone to become the #1 Contender for the Women's Championship

1) Mariko- The Women's Champion stays at #1 due to inactivity.

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