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Hardcore Wrestling Federation Top 10 #14 (4/15/16)

#10- Aiden James (Last Week; Unranked) Aiden James knocked off a former Extreme Rules champion tonight and another newcomer to be at #10.

#9- Dan Ryan (Last Week; Ranked Unranked) Dan Ryan was able to beat Amazing Punk at Hardcore Mania but came up short in the Tag Title match.

#8- JTD (Last Week; Unranked) JTD defeated his former friend and unmasked him for the first time in HWF history. His victory earns his spot of #8 tonight.

#7 - Dashing Duo (Cam and Dustin) (Last week; #3) The Dashing Duo lost their tag belts tonight and Cam lost his Chaos Championship tonight and they are #7 this week. 

#6 - Christopher Demon (Last Week; #5) Christopher Demon finally won the gold tonight, but after his war with Terumi Kit Givens cashed in Money in the Bank to win the World Title, leaving Demon at #6.

#5 - Terumi (Last week; #1) - Terumi's reign of terror was ended by Christopher Demon last night, they had a war, but sadly Terumi lost the match and is at #5 tonight.

#4 - Joey Buckets(Last Week #4)- Cameran "The Cam" Korder dodged a bullet by ducking Joey's finisher the JSK The Trouble in Paradise, but ultimately Joey countered Cam's tombstone to hit his own tombstone and win back the Chaos Championship.

#3 - Kickass Club (Syn and Lunic) (Last week; #7) - Syn and Lunic won the Tag Titles tonight and begin their reign and earned their spot at #3 this week.

#2- Chance (Last week; #2) - Chance started off the night by coming up short in the Money in the Bank ladder match, the doctors barely cleared him for his title match. Despite the injuries from the Money in the Bank, Chance retained and is at #2 for this week.

#1 - Kit Givens (Last week; Unranked) - Hardcore Mania should have been called Givens Mania, Kit Givens started the night off with winning Money in the Bank, then cashed in on the newly crowned champion Christopher Demon to become the new HWF World Champion and #1 this week.



Honorable Mentions:

Flying Devil: He came lost to a former friend but gave it all he had.

Ethan Grant: Sadly he was hit with the JSK instead of Cameran Korder and that ultimately costed him the match.

Justin Sane: He lost his Extreme Rules Title match and also his Money in the Bank match


HWF Women's Top 3:

3) Alex Stone- Stays #3 because of inactivity

2) Mariko- She came up short in her match and lost the title

1) Lisa- Lisa became the Women's Champion tonight. 

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