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HWF 8/26, the Mayhem after Threshold and new HWF World Champion Kit Givens is in the ring with a microphone with Lady by his side

Kit: Take a look at this ring right now at who is standing in it. Your NEW HWF World Heavyweight Champion, Kit Givens. I beat the former 2-time World Champion to reclaim MY rightful spot as World Champion! There is no one in this company who can touch me!

Lady: In fact, we're in such a good mood that Kit here has agreed to give anyone on the roster an opportunity they can't possibly pass up.

Kit: I'm issuing an open challenge right here, right now for the HWF World Heavyweight Championship. If you're man enough I mean. I know there's not a lot of you who are willing to--


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Drake: Well this just got interesting! Here's another former World Heavyweight  Champion himself! Dan Ryan! And he's flanked by the new HWF Women's Champion, Megan Quinn!

Dan: Kit, Kit, Kit. You REALLY should know that a World Title is not something to just throw around when I'm here. Because think of me as a shark, and you just slit your wrist. Because I can smell the blood in the water all the way from the locker room. But if you're just going to--

Kit: Woah now hold your horses chief. I wasn't finished yet. She meant anyone who HASN'T won a World Championship before.

Megan and Dan: Bullshit.

Dan: Kit, even since your first reign, you've been ducking me. You said Open Challenge. But I'll tell you what... how about this. You put that on the line tonight, and I'll put my career on the line.

Megan: Dan, you can't be serious.

Kit: Well, if you're just GOING to give me your career, who am I to refuse? Ref, get your ass down here.

The bell rings to signal the start of the match... After about 20 minutes of near-falls, Dan hits the Enigmatic Finale on Kit. As the ref attempts to count, Lady drags the ref out of the ring to a massive boo from the audience. As Lady and the ref are arguing, Kit hits Dan with the title belt from behind and throws the belt out of the ring. The ref rolls back into the ring. ONE! TWO! NO! Dan kicks out at 2.9. As Kit is arguing with the ref, Megan hits a Big Boot on Lady. As Kit is distracted, Dan blasts Kit with the U Mad Kick sending Kit into the ropes, rebounding into a Determin-KNEE-tion! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Drake: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?! Finally, Dan Ryan is once again your HWF World Heavyweight Champion after a 4-year drought! Dan put his career on the line tonight against Kit Givens and the gamble paid off! Even with the interference from Lady, thanks to Megan, Dan was able to overcome the odds and become HWF World Heavyweight Champion, and THIS TIME, he'll get to keep it for more than a day!

Kit and Lady look on shocked as Steven Styles comes down to the ring to interview the new champion.

Steven: Dan Ryan, congratulations on becoming the HWF World Champion for the second time. I can only imagine how ecstatic you feel right now! Can you tell us your thoughts?

Dan: Just one second Steven.

Dan grabs Megan and kisses her right in the middle of the ring.

Dan: That's better. Steven, for 4 long years. FOUR YEARS. I've clawed, scratched, fought tooth-and-nail, earned opportunity after opportunity, but always came up just short. Whether I warred with Terumi, Blaze, Grime, or JTD. It was always for this World Heavyweight Championship. And it's all thanks to my loving girlfriend Megan. Oh, sorry. Let me correct myself. To my loving girlfriend, THE HWF WOMEN'S CHAMPION Megan Quinn. If she didn't take out Lady to level the playing field, I wouldn't even be here right now. I didn't just do this for myself though. I did it for everyone who has never stopped fighting even when things seemed bleakest. To every underdog going through Hard Times in their life. Just keep fighting. This was for all of you.

Kit grabs a microphone


Kit then attempts to charge the ring only for Dan to meet him with U MAD Kick as soon as he enters.

Just then, Jonathan Diviney comes out with a microphone in hand.

Jonathan: Kit, you lost fair and square. Now let Dan have his moment.

Kit: Diviney, you saw what happened right? Megan clearly interfered in our match. Now give me back MY World Championship NOW!

Jonathan: Funny, because wasn't it Lady who got involved first? Now, as far as I'm concerned, Dan beat you fair and square even WITH the interference. Ref, don't overturn this match because of that. Kit, you got what you deserved. Now, I AM willing to insert you in tonight's #1 Contender's match between JTD, Christopher Demon, and Amazing Punk to see who gets the first shot at him if you want.


Jonathan: Or else what? I'm curious as to what you'll do because Dan kicked your head off just now when you tried to physically take your belt back.


Jonathan then waves to the back to get security out as Kit charges Jonathan only to be stopped by security just in time.

Jonathan: Alright, you know what? I've been more than fair with you. You even nearly killed our interviewer in the ring and now you tried to go after me? You know what Kit? YOU'RE FIRED! Security, get this piece of trash out of my company!

Kit is then escorted out by security as Dan leads the crowd in a "Na na na na Na na na na Hey Hey Hey Good Bye!"

Dan: Jonathan, if you don't mind, I'll take my Hall Of Fame induction now.

Dan and Megan then leave the ring to a "YOU DESERVE IT!" chant from the HWF audience.

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JTD, Christopher Demon and Amazing Punk are battling it out in a triple threat to face Dan Ryan in two week for the HWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. After a fuckfest of finishers, Demon throws Amazing Punk and JTD into the corner and hoists them up onto his shoulders.

Drake: Oh my god! He's not going to attempt to give a double Pearl Harbor (F-5). That's just crazy!

Demon hits the Pearl Harbor, to recieve a huge pop from the crowd. Amazing Punk Hits the mat first with JTD landing on top of him. JTD's skull bounces off of Amazing Punk's head and rolls out of the way. 

Atsuto Kyoto: Cover him, Demon!

Demon Covers Amazing Punk. 1...2... and Amazing Punk kicks out as close as you can get to three. The crowd starts chanting H-W-F. Christopher Demon gets up in disbelief and lifts the referee onto his shoulders. Before he can hit the Pearl Harbor JTD, from out of nowhere, hits him over the head with a steel chair causing him to drop the ref. JTD runs to the ropes bounces off of them and then hits a Sanity Breaker (Codebreaker)  on Demon. JTD hooks Demon's leg, the ref who has yet to stand back up counts from where he landed. 1.....2.....3. 

Announcer: Your winner and new #1 Contender for the HWF World Title... J-T-D. (The crowd boos)

JTD struggles to gets up but uses the ropes to get to a standing position. Amazing Punk is still on the ground from the Pearl Harbor. Christopher Demon is already heading up the ramp alongside Atsuto Kyoto. JTD falls to the ground when he gets up but lands on his hands. Conveniently he landed next to the steel chair. He picks up the steel chair and uses it to get up, then does a little bow to the audience causing him to stumble but he regains composure. He takes the chair to the back of Amazing Punk's head twice before Jonathan Tyler Diviney comes out with the security from early on. 

Jonathan: You already won your match, JTD, now stop. We have a Hall of Fame official introduction to do anyway.

JTD looks at the security team, then back at Jonathan and laughs. Then as he gets out of the ring he sticks his head back in the ring and spits out some blood onto Amazing Punk and mutters "Schmuck" afterwards he walks up the ramp and sits at the top of the stage. The Doctors come and take Amazing Punk out of the ring and help him up the ramp. JTD laughs as they pass him. 

Jonathan: This man without a doubt deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame years ago, but now his time has come. Without any further introduction I bring to you, the NEW HWF WORLD CHAMPION, Dan Ryan.

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Dan Ryan accompanied by the Women's Champ, Megan Quinn, head down the ramp. The both of them get into the ring, Dan shakes Jonathan's hand and takes the mic.  While Dan is taking the mic JTD stands up at the ramp and looks on.

Dan Ryan: Thank you, Jonathan. You all have known for four hard long years I've been crawling and working my heart out for all of you and now it's finally happened. Four long years... it feels like yesterday when I won my first World Title and look at me now. (JTD leaves the stage and heads into the back.) Now look at me... the current H-W-F World... Champion. (The fans chant "you deserve it!".) (JTD stumbles to the stage with a microphone in hand.)

JTD: You don't deserve shit. The fans boo We've never really faced off one on one. You said Kit Givens has been dodging you? I think you've been dodging me your whole career. You're right though, it's destiny. Destiny is going to be when I get in the ring and fuck you to a bloody pulp , then fuck your little girlfriend or whatever. JTD winks at Megan. 

Megan: Fuck off

JTD: I can see the frustration in your eyes Dan, you wanna come fight me. You want to attack me right now, you you monster.  No... no...no. That happens in two weeks. When you are on the mat looking up at the ceiling wondering to yourself "where am I?", I'll already be pinning you 1...2...3. Not only will I have the World Title to play with, but JTD pulls out Flying Devil's mask I'll also have this.

JTD walks away as Dan is trying to get out of the ring only to be stopped by security. JTD comes back out

JTD: Oh yeah, I'll also have that bitch in the ring with out to play with.

JTD runs out trying not to fall as an angry Dan Ryan broke free from security and is heading right towards him. HWF Mayhem goes off air with Megan Quinn picking up the HWF World Championship and her Women's Championship alongside a speechless Jonathan Tyler Diviney and the security trying to catch up to Dan.

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August 30th, Steven Styles doing an HWF.com exclusive interview.

Steven: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my weekly sit-down interview on HWF.com, today I welcome a man who has been on the show before, please welcome the new HWF World Heavyweight Champion, Dan Ryan.

Dan: Thanks for having me on Steven. It's been a while.

Steven: Indeed it has. Now that you've had a few days to calm down since your big win over Kit Givens, congratulations by the way (Dan: Thank you.), how does it feel knowing that after four long years, you've finally won the big one, that you finally won the prize you've been gunning for your whole career.

Dan: The feeling is unimaginable. The first time I won this, it was hollow after losing it just 12 and a half minutes the first time and after failure after failure, I didn't even know if I'd ever get this back. But now that I've finally won this championship for real, it's gonna take a hell of a man to knock me off the mountaintop.

Steven: Speaking of mountaintops, it was announced earlier this week that there the next Supershow would be called the "King Of Hardcore" with a 16-man tournament to crown the very first ever, well... King Of Hardcore, and I've been told that you were given the first invitation. Can you confirm this?

Dan: Yes I can actually. Corey Hudson and Jonathan Diviney personally requested I entered, and of course how could I refuse? Another accolade to go for on my record? Yes please. No idea who my opponent is though. All I know is that we've got all the singles champions in there uhh... Ethan Grant, myself, Chance, and others like Amazing Punk and of course, my #1 Contender JTD.

Steven: Which actually brings me to my next point. JTD. You two have had some history. 2 years ago, he put you on the shelf for a number of weeks before, ironically enough, a World Championship match, but this past Friday night on Mayhem got extremely personal it seems when the new #1 Contender to your championship interrupted your Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and it seemed like he got under your skin when he mentioned that he wanted to, and I quote, "have that bitch in the ring to play with", the HWF Women's Champion, your girlfriend, Megan Quinn, as you visibly had to be held back by security.

Dan: Got under my skin. Probably the best way we can describe it without going into details. But if you won't, I will. JTD, I know you're watching. You're looking for a weakness to exploit. You're looking for something to throw me off my game. Well congratulations, you found what you were looking for. You've found your treasure. You've uncovered the Ark of the Covenant. Let me tell you though JTD. It's one thing to go after me, but Megan has nothing to do with our match. You want to involve her, go right ahead. But remember my allusion to the Ark of the Covenant? Remember what happened to the people that opened it? It backfired pretty spectacularly, didn't it? I'm going to give you a warning right now JTD. If you even so much as touch her, you're not going to even make it to our championship match.

Dan gets up and leaves the area.

Steven: HWF World Heavyweight Champion, Dan Ryan, ladies and gentlemen.

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Dan Ryan vs. Ethan Grant, World Champ vs. Chaos Champ. About twenty five minutes in and it's been a finisherfest, Ethan throws Dan outside the ring and takes a breath while standing in the ring. As soon as Dan gets in he gets met with a Big Boot. 1...2..Kickout. Grant picks up Dan, but as he is getting picked up he slides through Grants legs and hits him the back of the head with a "U MAD BRO KICK" (Superkick). Ethan is tangled in the ropes now as Dan sets up for a Determin-KNEE-nation (Running Knee), JTD runs down the ramp. JTD gets up on the apron and starts screaming at Dan Ryan. Dan goes over and gets hit in the head with a kick. Ethan gets out of the ropes and heads towards Dan. JTD goes for the springboard knee, but Dan pulls Ethan into the knee, who gets dazed from the knee shot. JTD roles through and bounces off the ropes, but gets caught with an U MAD BRO KICK, knocking him to the mat. A dazed Ethan goes for a big boot on Dan Ryan, but Dan counters into a roll up. 1...2...3.

Announcer: The winner and advancing in the King of Hardcore tournament, Dan Ryan.

Dan Ryan is celebrating up on the turnbuckle, when JTD roles in the ring with a chair in hand. He hits Dan on the back with the chair two times and Dan is now on top of the turnbuckle lifeless. JTD gets on the turnbuckle and delivers three huge shots with the chair to the back of Dan's head. He throws dan off the turnbuckle and hits him with a curbstomp.

Later on during the show

Megan Quinn is fighting Alex Stone trying to defend her Women's Championship, late into the match she catches Alex Stone off guard with a Quinn Bomb. 1...2...3.

Announcer: Your winner and still the HWF Women's Champion, Megan Quinn.

The ref raises up her hand, JTD runs into the ring and hits her with a Sanity Breaker (Code Breaker) out of no where, the fans start booing like crazy.. JTD picks up the Women's Championship and throws it at her. The crow erupts with cheers as soon as Dan Ryan starts running down to the ring. JTD rolls out, grabs a mic and hops over the barricade and into the crowd. Dan Ryan goes to the ropes kicks the bottom of it and goes to help Megan.

JTD: Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You enjoying this yet? It's alright. It does get even better, when I take that title from you. JTD moves his way through the crowd and is now at the top of the stage. We both advanced tonight in the King of Hardcore, both going with momentum into our match. You told me hands off the bitch, but I gave her a Sanity Breaker. I will give credit where it is due she takes more Sanity Breakers than Devil ever could. JTD pulls out Flying Devil's mask. Well he would still have this precious item if he weren't such a bitch. Dan calls for a microphone. What's the matter buddy, how's it go... YOU MAD BRO!?

Dan Ryan: You listen here, you piece of shit. You crossed the line this ti... JTD cuts him off.

JTD: Did I say you could speak, cunt. I don't think so. Now I could see in the ring earlier JTD starts moving down the ramp you were trying to decide in your head. Should I go after JTD or tend to the bitch. JTD, bitch, JTD, bitch, JTD or bitch. You decided with the the bitch. Let me tell you how this works, you will drop the title in a week and both you and your little slut will join my trophy room. With Flying Devil and Kit Givens. Who maybe I would have gotten to face one more time for the third time if he didn't quit. Anyways then after are match I beat you down with my weapons I keep in my bag.

Flying Devil runs down the ramp and throws JTD into the ring. Dan gets right onto JTD and starts punching him in the face, he picks him up and hits an Enigmatic Finale (End of Days). Dan looks around and goes to the turnbuckle he takes the pad off and drags JTD over. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a kendo stick, Dan starts hitting JTD in the back with it over and over until it snaps in half. Dan picks up JTD and hits another Enigmatic Finale this time with JTD's face going right into the unpadded turnbuckle. JTD is on the turnbuckle with his head on the unpadded area. Dan hits him with a U MAD BRO KICK sending JTD heads first nto the unpadded turnbuckle, he falls landing unconscious in the ring. Dan helps Megan up and both champs leave the ring and the arena. The medical staff comeout to tend to JTD as Mayhem goes to commercial break.

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In the GM's office...


Dan: I gave him a fair warning. I told him to leave Megan out of this. He chose to ignore me and you saw what happened.

Jonathan: So you damn near hospitalize him?! You're lucky he's cleared to compete next week, otherwise I'd have your ass suspended!

Dan: He is? Well ain't that serendipitous because I have a favor to ask you.

Jonathan: I mean sure. Why WOULDN'T I give the guy I was about to suspend a favor...? There's no way I'll decli--

Dan: I want our world title match to be on MY terms. A Slate Hill Street Fight.

Corey: Dan, you nearly kill a fellow Hall Of Famer just for attacking your girlfriend and you want us to give you what you want? 

Corey chuckles

Corey: Alright. Fine. But be careful what you wish for. This Street Fight might be Sanity Breaking. Now get the hell out of my office.

Dan: I know what I'm doing Hudson. That jackass crossed a line and there's no going back.

Dan leaves with his World Title belt.

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This promo takes place during the 9/9 edition of Mayhem. (Before the King of Hardcore Super Show)


Dan Ryan, the World Champion and JTD are brawling in a Sanity Breaking Slate Hill Street Fight. Three of the barricade corners have been broken, JTD going through two and Dan Ryan going through one. Dan put JTD through the announce table with an Enigmatic Finale (End of Days). JTD and Dan are both becoming very sluggish in this grueling match, they're just about to hit the one hour mark. Dan Ryan and JTD are fighting right by the very last barricade. Dan Ryan goes for a U MAD BRO KICK (Superkick), but JTD moves out of the way and hits a Sanity Breaker (Codebreaker). JTD gets up to see Megan Quinn behind him, he runs at her and tackles her through the last barricade.




Nicolis Jordon Garcia: Does that count? Are pins legal now?




Drake: Of course they count. The barricades have been broken and the announce table too.




JTD gets up and laughs, he turns around and gets grabbed by Dan. Dan throws him into the ring post and U MAD BRO KICKS his head into the post. 1...2... Dan lifts JTD shoulders. Dan picks him up and U MAD BRO KICKS him again over the remaining part of the barricade into the crowd. He walks around the barricade and hits a Curb Stomp on JTD, the ref counts 1...2...3. Dan picks Megan Quinn up and they walk out of the arena. JTD comes crawling out of the crowd, the fans start chanting "You suck". JTD gets to the ring apron, sits on it and wipes the blood from his head and out of his eyes. Two members of the Medical Staff team come with a stretcher between them. They try to get him on the stretcher, but he throws one of them over the remaining part of the barricade and hits a Sanity Breaker on the other. The camera man follows JTD up the ramp, as soon as JTD gets in the back he picks up a steel chair and starts hitting the wall with it over and over again until it is completely bent. Steven Styles makes his way over to JTD



Steven: JTD what are your thoughts on what just happened out there.




JTD: My thoughts.... JTD laughs. I underestimated him...




Steven: Well JT...




JTD tackles Styles to the ground and punches him across the face multiple times. He takes bent chair and slams it down on Steven's skull. JTD flips him onto his belly and hits an (In)Sanity Stomp (Curb Stomp). JTD gets up and walks over to Corey Hudson's door as he opens it Jonathan Tyler Diviney is sitting down in a seat in front of Corey Hudson, who is at his desk. He closes and locks the door as he enters the room.




Corey: I think... we... JTD what are you doing here?




JTD: You two think you fucking run the place and no one here gets a say.




Jonathan: Well quite frankely we do run the place, but people do get a say.




JTD: Well apparently I don't. You even said it, you were going to suspend Dan Ryan, but this cunt JTD points at Corey Hudson not only didn't suspend him, let Dan motherfucking Ryan choose our match.




Corey: I can see where you are coming from but don't you call yourself the King of Hardcore and claim to be the most insane wrestler in HWF? I think someone with all that talk can handle a modified version of the Slate Hill Street Fight.




JTD: You know what... I am the King of Hardcore and I will officially be the King of Hardcore when I win the whole damn tournament. You did this behind my back Hudson... for almost six years I've been in HWF and you pull this shit on me. You better know... what I am about to do IS personal.




Corey: What do you mean?




JTD grabs Jonathan out of his seat and smashes his face on Corey's desk. Jonathan falls on the ground in front of the desk.




Corey: You better stop yourself right now, do you fucking hear me?




JTD: Corey JTD laughs I hear ya, I hear you loud and clear.




JTD lunges over Corey's desk and takes him to the ground he punches him multiple times. He grabs and HWF official mug off of Corey's desk and smashes it on his head. JTD picks Corey up and drags him onto the desk. JTD knees him a couple times in the head and picks him up. He flip-piledrives Corey Hudson off the desk and onto the ground. JTD picks up the company phone on Corey's desk and dials the medical staff.




JTD: Hello, yes. JTD laughs Jonathan Tyler Diviney and Corey Hudson need some medical assistance. They're both located in Corey Hudson's office. Whenever Corey Hudson wakes up tell him JTD sent his regards.




On Hardcorewrestlingfederation.com an official video message went up the next day.




Jonathan: Corey Hudson is hospitalized right now, they don't know the severity of his condition as of right now. He did however wake up this morning and was speaking, very slowly, but however he was speaking. We decided that if JTD doesn't win the King of Hardcore tournament he will be fired from the HWF. Until Corey Hudson is back I am in full control of HWF.

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Amazing Punk's Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blhXYCcjmUk

Amazing Punk: Whoa Whoa Whoa Hold Up Listen.......Jonathan What You Mean That Corey Our Boss Is Not Here Tonight Who In Charge Tonight You Or Our John Cena Wannna Be World Champion Dan Ryan......What Saying Is... Jonathan I Want My Hardcoremania Rematch Not Single Match I Want That HWF World Championship Match Tonight And Dan Ryan We Have Unfinsh Business To Do.....

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9/23/2016 Mayhem, immediatley after Amazing Punk's "promo"


HWF World Heavyweight Champion Dan Ryan comes out with a microphone.

Dan: Punk, use your words. English is a powerful thing but you need to actually know how to use it. It's okay though folks. I happen to be trilingual knowing English, Spanish, and Absolute Fucking Gibberish and I will attempt to translate. I'm a bit rusty, but I do believe you're asking me for a World Championship match you CLEARLY haven't earned yet and that we have unfinished business from Hardcoremania? Oh, you mean where I beat you decisively in a Tables Match at the biggest event of the year? Also... I couldn't help but overhear that one bit. What was it you called me? A John Cena wannabe? Alright. I'll admit, that part was kinda funny... but last time I checked, why should you get a shot at me again? Two weeks ago, I went through hell to keep this belt around my waist aganist a guy who I may hate the everliving shit out of, but he was a guy who actually earned his shot unlike you. Or hell, you know who else I think should have a shot before you? How about the guy who shocked the world last week in the King Of Hardcore and actually knocked me out early in the tournament, the Chaos Champion Jamie Silverster? I think he's got a better claim than you. I mean, he got me by a rollup, but it was still a clean pin. Or even better? How about the ACTUAL WINNER of the King Of Hardcore tournament, Chance? You know, former 2-time Extreme Rules Champion, that guy who has been on a roll lately...? I think they've both got legitimate arguemnts for a shot at me. And last time you had a match, you got your ass handed to you by Jesse Serrano... JESSE FUCKING SERRANO! A guy who hasn't won a match in 2 months before the King Of Hardcore! But you know what? Fine. I'm a kind man. I give opportunities. You want a shot at MY World Heavyweight Championship? I'll give it to you... IF you can beat me later tonight 1-on-1. If not, you go to the back of the line where you belong.

Punk: No I deserve shot at title now! NOW!

Dan: Well, I can't say I didn't give him a shot...

Dan then proceeds to hit a U MAD Kick on Punk laying him out in the middle of the ring.

Dan: See you tonight, Punk. Get used to that look. It's gonna happen again.

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