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On the 8/26/16 edition of HWF Mayhem, there is a #1 Contender's match for the HWF Extreme Rules Championship.

The match is a 4-Way Dance between Alric, Flying Devil, Jesse Serrano, and Tyler Adams.

After 20 minutes of grueling action, Jesse hits Alric with his finishing maneuver.  Alric is left lying on the ring mat.  

Flying Devil is laying on the mat outside of the ring, recovering from being attacked by Adams with a chair.

Tyler and Jesse begin a back and forth brawl in the middle of the ring.  Adams hits Jesse with the Bullhammer Elbow out of nowhere.

Before Adams can go for the pin, he is attacked from behind by Flying Devil.  Devil then hits Adams with a DDT.

Adams is knocked out and Devil goes to pin Jesse.


Ring Announcer:  Your winner...........and the new #1 contender for the HWF Extreme Rules Championship...........FLYING DEVIL!!!!!

The crowd erupts with chears for the hardcore icon.

Later on in the show, HWF Interviewer Steven Styles approaches Flying Devil backstage.

Steven Styles:  Hey, Flying Devil.  Could you give us your thoughts on the match you just won?

Flying Devil:  That was not an easy match to win.  Anytime you have to face three other wrestlers in one match, it is going to be a tough night.

Nobody ever expects me to win.  I'm almost always the smallest man, it's been that way my entire career.  I'm used to it.  I thrive on it.  

It's what makes me the wrestler that I am today.  Tonight, I was able to come out on top and shock the world once again.

Steven Styles:  You may be an underdog, but you are beloved by practically all HWF fans.  They are ecstatic that you won that match to become the #1 Contender for the HWF Extreme Rules Championship.  On next week's Mayhem, you will get another shot at Chance for the title.  What are your thoughts on this rematch?

Flying Devil:  At HWF Threshold, I won a Number One Contender's Match and went on to face Chance for the HWF Extreme Rules Championship.

 The match with Chance was one of the best matches of my entire career.  We wrestled for nearly an hour.  But in the end, I came up short.

Chance is extraordinarily talented in the ring.  He is already a fan favorite and has a bright future ahead of him in this company.  I have

all the respect in the world for Chance.  But next week, I get another shot at him.  This time, I will not come up short.  This time, I am

walking away with the Extreme Rules Championship.  This time, I will be the better man.

Flying Devil turns and walks away.

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After HWF goes off air, Chance gets interviewed by Steven Styles on Hardcorewrestlingfederation.com.

Steven Styles: Hello Champ! Nice to talk to you again. You have held the title for over five months now. How does that feel?

Chance: Steve, it feels great. I go in that ring day after day and I just wrestle. I wrestle for everyone at home, in the crowd and for myself. The Extreme Rules Championship means a lot to me and I plan on holding it for a long time.

Styles: Now on tonight's edition of Mayhem, Flying Devil picked up a huge win and will face you again for the Extreme Rules Title. Your thoughts?

Chance: You know our first match was absolutely amazing. We quite possibly put on match of the night. It may not be a surprise to many people at home but I just turned twenty recently and I remember debuting a little over two years ago, at the age of eighteen and it was surreal. I watched the HWF for years before I debuted, watching Dan Ryan pick up his first World Title. Watching JTD pick up his first World Title, but my mentor was Flying Devil. The original face of HWF, he was the man. I looked up to him watching the shows in early 2011 and even do now... so having a match with him was a dream come true honestly.

Styles: Now I understand that you also wanted to show some footage from your match with Devil, but what's it like finally fighting all the people you looked up to when you were younger.

Chance: Every Friday I would watch HWF. I loved Devil and JTD when they were a tag team, them JTD kind of lost it... but Devil on the other hand has always been a favorite. Whether he was face or heel I feel like he had a special spot in his heart for all the fans which I could appreciate. Like I remember being fourteen or fifteen and watching Devil win his first World Title. Then skip ahead a few years and I was in the back at the inaugarl Hardcoremania watching JTD "Sanity Breaker" Blaze off a ladder onto the concrete. There are so many people in this company that I would love to face and Devil just so happened to be my number one pick. Chance points to the monitor. This is how our first match ended.

Devil and Chance are fighting in the middle of the ring, Chance hits Devil with a kick the crowd cheers. Devil hits Chance with a jab, the crowd cheers. Chance and Devil stop hitting each other and look our into the crowd. Devil raises his hand and the crowd cheers, Chance raises his hand and the crowd cheers just as loud. The two men shake hands, and then back up. Devil runs at chance and goes for a hurricarana, Chance cartwheels out of it and hits a Super Kick. 1...2... Kickout. Chance picks up Devil and sets up for the "Last Chance" (Killswitch), but Devil counters him and when Chance turns around he gets planted with a Devil's Whisper. 1...2... Kickout. Devil picks up Chance does for Devil's Deeds (Dirty Deeds), but chance counters out and hits a Last Chance. The crowd counts 1...2...3, but the ref only counts to two and the crowd chants "holy shit". Chance picks up Devil and hits another Last Chance on him this time getting the three count.

Styles: That's what all the buzz was about after Threshold that Flying Devil became the first one to kickout of the Last Chance. Has that crossed your mind a lot?

Chance: Yes. Going into our second match I haven't a clue if I will be able to put him away. He had two wrestle twice that night and kicked out of my best move. Will I beat him? I don't know. One thing I do know though... is I will go out there and put on the best show I can and hopefully retain my HWF Extreme Rules Championship. Devil, wherever you are... you better be ready for me, I am not going to hold anything back and I hope you wont too. See you in a week.

Chance stands up and gives Steven a handshake and walks away with his title over his shoulder.

Styles: Devil vs. Chance II main events this weeks Mayhem. This is a match of the year candidate folks. You better be ready for what very well might be an instant classic.

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Chance and Flying Devil are already 20 minutes into their match, They've both hit one finisher. Chance suplexed Devil through the side of the Hell in a Cell. He started climbing the cage. Now Devil has gotten up and starts scaling the cage right behind him. When Devil gets up they start Chance ddts him on the top of the cell. Chance picks him up over the center of the cell, but out of nowhere Devil hits a Devil's Whisper on Chance. Devil catches his breath, but Chance now has a huge cut on his head and is bleeding a lot. He starts to grab at Devil's tights trying to crawl to his feet. Devil punches him in the head, picks him up and hits Devil's Deeds on the cage. He drags chance over to the edge of the cell, closest to the ramp. Devil picks him up, but Chance backs up and hits a superkick. Devil staggers then falls backwards off the Cell. The crowd starts chanting "Holy Shit!". Chance climbs down. They start fighting outside, Devil goes for a Devil's  whisper, but chance pushes him away and then goes for a superkick, but misses. The two start trading punches and kicks, until Devil connects with a huge head kick. Devil and Chance slowly brawl around to the other side. Chance throws Devil into the announce table and Superkicks him onto the top of it. He looks at Devil and starts to climb the cell, when he reaches the top he looks down at Devil and goes for a shooting star press. Which connects. Holy shit can be heard echoing the arena. Chance and Devil are completely still, until Chance crawls up the barricade. He picks up Devil and throws him into the ring. As soon as Chance gets in the he picks up Devil as soon as he picks him up, Devil hits a Devil's Whisper. 1...2...Kickout. Flying Devil goes to the top and goes for the Swanton, he misses. Chance rolls over and stands up. Devil roles through, Chance goes for a superkick Devil dodges and hits another Devil's Whisper. 1...2...Kickout. Devil rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, he hits Chance with it multiple times. He throws the chair in the middle of the ring and picks up Chance. He goes for a hurricarana and Chance powerbombs him into a pin. 1...2...Kickout. Devil gets up and goes for a clothesline, Chance ducks it and hits a superkick. Devil bounces off of the ropes after the kick and gets hit with Last Chance (Kill Switch). 1...2...Kickout. Chance is in disbelief he drags Devil over to the chair and picks him up. He goes for the Last Chance once more, right before he hits it Devil breaks out and turns him around into a Devil's Whisper onto the steel chair. 1...2...3. The fans start chanting "You deserve it"

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Announcer: Your winner and NEW Extreme Rules Champion, Flying Devil.

Devil drops to his knees with his title in hand. Shortly after he gets out of the ring and leaves. Chance has hardly done anything except roll over so he is on his back. Still with blood all over his face. The fans start chanting "Chance" HWF's medical staff come out with a stretcher, they load Chance on and bring him to the back. 

Chance: Stop. I'm fine let me out.

The HWF medical staff reluctantly unstrap him, Chance gets off the stretcher. He hobbles over to a chair and sits down. A member of the medical staff team give him a rag for his bleeding forehead. Steven Styles walks over.

Steven Styles: Just the man I was looking for. He points at a camera man start filming this.

The camera man walks over and gets ready to film the interview.

Steven Styles: Hello HWF fans I am joined by former Extreme Rules Champion, Chance. This is taking place right after Chance and Flying Devil two, all I can say that has to be a candidate for Match of the Year. What are your thoughts on the match, 

Chance: My dream slowly turned into a nightmare, I've wanted to wrestle my idol Flying Devil for years. I finally got the chance to do that at Threshold. I won, but Devil became the first man to kickout of the Last Chance and he had already wrestle prior to our match. I had my doubts on whether or not I could beat him a second time, but like we saw tonight... I couldn't. I let the fans down and Devil took everything that I had going for me away. My title, the Last Chance, but there are three things I have left. My rematch is one of them which I will be using on the 23rd edition of Mayhem. My career obviously is the second one and the other one is have yet to lose in a Hell in a Cell where you have to break everything. So Devil, I challenge you to a Hell in a Cell break everything for our rematch. Tonight I hit you with my two best moves in a row and you kicked out, I also jumped off the cell and hit a shooting star press, you still kicked out. I want to let you know I am willing to bludgeon you to death to win that title back. You better be prepared come the 23rd. You never know when I will hit you with that superkick.

Steven Styles: Now that we know Devil vs. Chance three is happening, what will you do to prepare.

Chance: I'm sorry, I don't have time for this.

Chance gets out of his seat and walks away, Christopher Demon runs up and hits him with a Pearl Harbor (F-5). With Atsuto Kyoto standing menacingly behind him.

Atsuto: HA HA HA HA HA. You're worried about Flying Devil, I think you should be worried about Mr. Demon. Who you are facing next week. Mr. Demon made you and you will see just how easily he will break you next week. Mr. Demon give him another Pearl Harbor.

Christopher Demon picks up the lifeless Chance and throws him onto his shoulders this time he Pearl Harbors him through a nearby table. Steven Styles and the camera man are just watching in horror. Atusto looks at them, laughs, then points at them. 

Steven Styles: NO! NO! NO! NO! Please, please, please I am begging you. Stop please.

Christopher Demon stops in front of Steven and the camera man. He puts out his hand to Steven gesturing a handshake. Styles goes to shake his hand and Demon pulls him in for a Pearl Harbor and hits it. Demon spears the camera man and the video cuts off when the camera hits the ground. The last thing that could be heard is Atsuto laughing. 

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