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Amazing Punk was making his entrance to the ring for his match against Christopher Demon. He stopped right in front of the entrance ramp and posed for the fans. Christopher Demon grabbed him and threw him face first into the cage and then picked him up off the ground and Pearl Harbored (F-5) him. Demon got on top of him and started hitting him right in the face blow after blow. Dashing Dustin ran down the ramp and hit Demon with a kick to the head. Demon came off of Punk still on his feet. Dustin ran at demon but, he got thrown into the barricade. Christopher backed up and went for a spear, but Dustin moved and threw him through the barricade. Jonathan walked out of the back.

Jonathan: We need to get this match started... Dustin leave the area. Christopher Demon and Amazing Punk in the ring!

Corey: Well actually I have a better idea. I am adding Dashing Dustin to the Steel Cage match and that match starts after this short break.

Later on in the match "Dashing" Dustin gets hit with three German Suplexes. Amazing Punk runs into Christopher Demon and gets caught in a Pearl Harbor. Dustin comes to his feet to get hit with a Pearl Harbor. Demon covers Amazing Punk 1...2...3. The cage gets raised and Demon's hand is raised too. Atsuto gets in the ring with a mic in hand.

Atsuto: Puny Punk... no kicking out of that Pearl Harbor. HAHAHAHA. Demon give him another one.

Demon picks up a lifeless Punk and hoists him on his shoulders, but before he hits the Pearl Harbor Dustin grabs at his tights. Christopher Demon drops Punk into a german suplex in the corner. He grabs Dustin and throws him into the corner on top of Amazing Punk. Demon picks the two of them up and hits them with a double Pearl Harbor. Atusto and Demon leave the ring with the carnage behind them.

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