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Zen Flux
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The arena goes pitch black, until two bright spotlights shine into the middle of the ring and lying there folded is the HWF Chaos Title. (Jamie SIlvester's music hits and the arena roof gets blown off by the excitement in their cheers)

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Nicolis Jordan Garcia: We all know whos music that is!

Drake: Thats right it is Jamie Silvester, our new Chaos Champion! 

Jamie Silvester walks out onto the stage where the fans chant "You deserve it" over and over again, Silvester smiles and claps to the sea of fans watching over him.


Drake: Shut up! And applaud your Chaos Champ who in fact cleanly pinned the former champ without any interference.

Jamie walks down to the ring very majestically and smiles and continues to clap to all his fans sitting either side of him, he walks around to the time keeper area and grabs a mic then slides into the ring where his title still lays ominously. He un folds it and raises it above his head and again the arena implodes with excitement. Jamie embraces the cheers and smiles, he raises the mic to his mouth.

Jamie SIlvester: Thank you, seriously thankyou. You know i came into this company about a year ago, when i arrived everyone looked at me as if i was some kind of garbage and i was as i got injured very quickly which put me out of action for half a year. But when i began training again Mr Hudson told me i was to compete in a Chaos title match against the man called Ethan Grant  and i went into that as the huge underdog, But guess what i came out on top with this baby.

He looks at the title and rests his hand against it, smiles and puts it down towards his feet.

Jamie SIlvester: You see despite me winning that match i also had to fight a tough Amazing Punk in the King Of Hardcore tournament who just couldn't get the job done against me, and that tournament is my main focus. Dan Ryan.... If you are listnening im coming for your title when i beat everyone that stands in my way in this tournament.

Crowd: LETS GO JAMIE *clap clap clap clap clap, LETS GO JAMIE *clap clap clap clap clap, LETS GO JAMIE *clap clap clap clap clap,

Jamie Silvester: But for now my next opponent for this baby (looks down at the Chaos Title)  COME ON DOWN!





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Amazing Punk Come Out The Ring Look At Jamie 

Amazing Punk: Jamie You Know Who Am..... My Name Amazing Punk And I Like To Hut People Like You... So You Have Open Spot For Your Are Title So Me And You For HWF Chaos Title Any Time.... Any Place 

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Alric's music hits and out walks The Dark Prince....He walks all the way around the ring allowing the fans to interact, heads to the steps and enters the ring..

Alric : (walking up to Jamie face to face, grabs the mic) I think you just played my song...If you slinging out title shots I want it!!!

Just then Xander walks out to the stage area and makes his way down to ringside..Entering He grabs the mic from Alric..

Xander : Simmer down boys...The only man getting a shot at that title is ME!! Alric you think you want this but brother you need to be thinking bigger..Chaos and Destruction is Kinda ..like..MY THANG!! If you know what I'm saying..

Jamie : (grabbing the mic back) Whoa Whoa Whoa...This is my time my title...You can't just come out here and ruin my celebration...

Alric : (taking back the mic) You know what Big Man ..?... You're right..I am destined for something bigger..But right now CHAOS IS THE ONLY THING ON MY MIND< IF YOU HAVEN:T KEPT UP WITH CURRENT EVENTS!!  Now Jamie you can't call out one without all wanting a piece...The Big Man wants you I want you and I'm sure that backstabbing Amazing Punk who threw a tag match earlier tonight  wants you... So why don't we ask Mr Hudson or Jonathan to come on down....

Alric hands the mic back to Jamie.....

Cut to commercial...



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As HWF comes back from commercial, Alric, Jamie, Xander, and Amazing Punk are arguing in the ring when you hear Jesse's music hit.

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Drake: Well this is quite the interesting turn of events. It seems our residential flyboy has something to say as well.

Jesse enters the ring with a mic.

Jesse: Woah woah woah WOAH.... WOAH... Now I know you guys didn't forget to invite me to the party. That'd be rude... Especially when you guys are talking about a Chaos Championship match.

Punk: Jesse, get out of here before I beat your ass.

Jesse: You mean like you did in the first round of the King of Hardcore tournament, right? OH WAIT! YOU DIDN'T! Because last time I checked, I beat YOUR ass.

Alric: So why the hell are you out here?

Jesse: Well, aside from joining this thrilling filibuster, isn't it obvious? I want a Chaos Championship match.

Alric: And what the hell makes you think you've earned a title match before any of us?

On that note, Jesse starts counting off who is in the ring...

Jesse: 1... 2... 3... he was the same... Oh! Right... Why? Oh I dunno, probably because with the exception of the champ himself, I outlasted each and every one of your sorry asses. In fact, Alric, remind me again just WHO I beat again? Amazing Punk and WHO ELSE? As a matter of fact, Punk, I kicked your teeth in in round 1, Alric, I spiked your head into the mat in Round 2, and Xander, you lost to a guy I took to the limit in YOUR second round match. In fact, the only guy in here who made it as far as me is the Running Man himself, our Chaos Champion Jamie Silverster. So as far as I'm concerned, I think that puts me ahead of each of you when it comes to getting a shot at the Chaos Championship.

At that moment, Jonathan Diviney's music hits...

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This promo takes place on the 9/21 edition of Mayhem


Jonathan Tyler Diviney starts heading down the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Jonathan: Tonight we will be a triple threat between Jamie Silvester, Amazing Punk and Alric. The crowd boos. Jamie if you want to defend your title in a Fatal4Way do it next week. I am going to decide two of your challengers, Cameran the Cam Korder and Lunic, the last man can be picked by you.


Nicolis: He was fired... that's what Corey and Jonathan agreed on get the damn security out here.

JTD grabs the mic out of Jonathan's hand.

JTD: Well well well, Jonathan hasn't told anyone this yet... but you know how Corey gave him complete controll of the company, well he never fired me. He knew I was just too much of an asset to let go. Like honestly where would HWF be without me. That last spot in the Chaos title match, well I think Jamie should pick me. Jesse, pal. What have you done here? Besides job out constantly in the Extreme division. I get where you're coming from, you beat all these guys in the tourney... well I beat the Chaos champ in the tourney and JTD pulls out Flying Devil's mask whatever is left of this "Devil." Jesse I might not have beat all of these guys' asses, but I beat THAT (JTD points at Jamie) guy's ass and could beat anyone of these guys in under a minute.

Punk: All that matter is I am getting my shot tonight, Jesse or JTD aren't getting a shot tonight.

Jesse kicks Punk in the head knocking him out

Jesse: I am the guy that deserves your shot though, Punk.

JTD: and I'm the guy that deserves the title.

Jamie: Okay listen. After I beat Punk and Alric tonight, it'll be Jamie Silvester vs. Lunic vs. Cam Korder vs. JTD fans boo next week.  After I beat those four I want Jesse one on one for the Chaos title.

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