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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjJJ8_SNdXI ;

Amazing Punk: Do You Know Who I'm Am....Am The Guy That Turn Back On "The WonderBoy"

Aiden James Last Week The Death Club Have A Match Face Grime and Justin Sane....So What I Just Did I Go For The Tag And I Walk Away From Aiden James Have Grime and Justin Sane Win The Match... So After The King Of Hardcore The Death Club Going For HWF Tag Team Titles Match.... If Aiden James Not Been Asshole Be A Good Tag Team....We Will Be 50 Chane Come New HWF Tag Team Championship So Out Be Said Have Nice Day 

HWF Fan Boo To Amazing Punk


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Before Amazing Punk can exit the ring the music hits and out walks Aiden James his head sporting 8 new stiches and his waist wrapped up, from his KOH battle against Flying Devil...Aiden stands on the stage and slowly raises the mic..stops and grins..

Aiden : So Punk.. I'm the WONDERBOY???? I just lost the biggest match of my career tonight...And you and I have a tag title match coming up in a week..I'm on point,,,You seem to be on point...So yeah The Death Club are gonna be the NEW HWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AND WE ARE GOING TO HOLD THOSE TITLES FOR A WHILE...As long as we stay on the same page...I'll see you next week...

Aiden drops the mic and exits.....

fade to black



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