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Hardcore Wrestling Federation Top 10 #18 (9/9/16)

10. Warlock [Last Week: Unranked]  - Warlock had a good week this week.  He defeated Alric and Thunder in a 3-Way Dance.  As a result, he earns the #10 spot in the rankings.

9. Jesse Serrano [Last Week: Unranked] - Jesse earns the #9 spot in the rankings this week thanks to his victory over Tyler Adams in a Round One Match of the King of Hardcore Tournament.

8. The Dashing Duo [Last Week: #9] - The reigning HWF Tag Team Champions did not compete as a team this week.  However, they move up one spot in the rankings thanks to Cam's victory in a 3-Way Dance against Joey Bucketts and Jack Trevano.  The champs will be defending their titles on September 23rd against Aiden James and Amazing Punk.

7. Xander [Last Week: #6] - Xander had great success last week as he managed to advance to Round Two of the King of Hardcore Tournament.  However, this week was not nearly as great for Xander as he was defeated by Big Anthony, who was making his HWF debut.  Xander hopes to recover quickly from this loss as he competes in Round 2 of the King of Hardcore Tournament on September 16th.  

6. Chance [Last Week: #10] - Chance improves a good bit in the rankings this week thanks to his huge victory on Mayhem.  In the Co-Main Event of the show, Chance defeated Christopher Demon in a Round One Match of the King of Hardcore Tournament.  This will likely go down as the upset of the tournament since many people had Demon as the favorite to win the entire tournament.  However, Demon has now been eliminated and Chance moves on to Round Two.

5. Grime and Justin Sane [Last Week: #8] - It was only a couple of weeks ago when Grime and Justin Sane announced that they would be returning to the HWF to compete as a tag team.  Their goal is to eventually win the HWF Tag Team Championships.  This week on Mayhem, they got a shot at the current #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championships, Amazing Punk and Aiden James.  Grime and Justin Sane took full advantage of this opportunity as they defeated the #1 Contenders on Mayhem.  Defeating the #1 Contenders in your first official match as a tag team is quite impressive.  They will certainly be involved in the next #1 Contender's Match for the titles.

4. JTD [Last Week: #3] - It was not a good week for JTD.  He used his rematch clause to challenge Dan Ryan for the HWF World Championship in a Sanity-Breaking Slate Hill Street Fight.  However, Dan Ryan defeated JTD to retain the most prestigious title in the HWF.  Despite this loss, JTD has already earned the right to compete in Round 2 of the inaugural King of Hardcore Tournament on September 16th.  

3. Jamie Silvester [Last Week: Unranked] - It takes a lot of success to go from being unranked one week to being ranked in the top three a week later.  But, Jamie Silvester had the most successful night of his pro wrestling career this week.  In the first match of the show, Jamie Silvester defeated HWF Chaos Champion, Ethan Grant, for the title.  This marked the first championship of Silvester's young HWF career.  However, the success did not end there.  Later in the show, he defeated Amazing Punk in a Round One Match of the King of Hardcore Tournament.  As a result, Jamie is now not only the new HWF Chaos Champion, but he will get an opportunity at the King of Hardcore SuperShow to try to win the tournament and earn a shot at another HWF championship.  

2. Flying Devil [Last Week: #2] - Flying Devil remains in the #2 spot this week thanks to yet another victory.  On Mayhem, he faced Aiden James in a Round One Match of the King of Hardcore Tournament.  The match was very long, very brutal, and very back and forth.  James shockingly kicked out of 4 Devil's Whispers.  After kicking out of the 4th Devil's Whisper of the match, the fans thought there was no way Flying Devil was going to come out with the victory.  However, Aiden went to hit Flying Devil with his finishing move.  Devil managed to counter that into a roll-up for a 3-count.  As a result, Flying Devil advanced to round two of the tournament and Aiden James was elmiminated.

1. Dan Ryan [Last Week: #1] - The HWF World Champion remains at the #1 spot in the rankings for the third consecutive week thanks to his succesful title defense against JTD in the main event of Mayhem.  The match was the first ever Sanity-Breaking Slate Hill Street Fight.  While an amazing contest, it was the champion who emerged victorious.  Thanks to this successful title defense, Dan Ryan has earned a rematch clause in his contract.  In addition, he won't have to defend the title again until October 14th.

HWF Women's Top 10

3. Elegant Elise [Last Week: Unranked] - Elegant Elise makes her way into the rankings this week.  She teamed up with Jessica Black and defeated Megan Quinn and Alex Stone in a Tag Team Match.  While not the same as a singles win over the women's champ, it is still a very good win for Elise.

2. Megan Quinn [Last Week: #1] - Megan Quinn may have lost a match this week, but it was a Tag Team Match.  Megan is still the Women's Champion and did not lose in singles competition this week.  As a result, she only drops down to the #2 spot in the rankings.

1. Jessica Black [Last Week: #3] - This week on Mayhem, Jessica Black teamed up with Elegant Elise to face the HWF Women's Champion, Megan Quinn, and Alex Stone in a Tag Team Match.  Jessica and Elise won the match, causing Jessica to move up to the top spot this week.

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