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The two men in the ring have fought two grueling matches already today. JTD and Chance standing in the middle of the ring for the first time, bloody, beaten and broken. The bell rings as soon as they get out of their corners Chance hits a SuperKick on JTD. Chance rolls out of the ring and sets up a table and lights it on fire. The flaming table is set up right next to the ring. Chance gets in the ring and JTD attacks him and they start brawling up the ramp. After fifteen minutes of brawling backstage and on the stage, JTD hits a SanityBreaker (Code Breaker) and drags Chance down the the ramp. He throws Chance in and gets to the top rope, JTD attempts to hit a DarkDescent (Red Arrow), but misses as Chance rolls out the way. He grabs JTD and goes for a Last Chance, JTD counters him and hits a SanityBreaker again. JTD picks Chance up and attempts to throw him over the ropes and through the table, but chance slips off his shoulder and hits a SuperKick.

Nicolis: SUPERKICK! Chance just sent JTD through the flaming table! Get him help!

JTD goes through the table, Chance scales the turnbuckle and hits a Shooting Starpress off the top rope.  Chance picks JTD up an throws him in the ring 1...2... KICKOUT. JTD crawls up Chance and springs up and goes for a SanityBreaker, Chance lifts him up and throws him into the turnbuckle and hits a SuperKick, JTD bounces off the turnbuckle to get hit with a Last Chance (killswitch). 1...2...3.

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The confetti reigns down from above while Chance's music is playing, Jonathan comes down the ramp with a trophy in one hand and the Crown in the other. He gives the trophy to Chance, he holds it up in the air. Jonathan crowns Chance and then Flying Devil walks down the ramp with microphone in hand.

Flying Devil: Chance, you took me to my limit. I have never fought so hard to win something in my life before our Hell in a Cell match. Devil enters the ring. Congratulations brother, you deserve it. 

Flying Devil puts out his hand for a handshake. Chance slaps it away to get a gasp from the audience.

Chance: You, Devil... I'll get to why I slapped that hand away, but for now get out of my ring please. I want to thank Jonathan for this opportunity of a lifetime, I honestly owe you so much. Your decision has made me become the first ever King of Hardcore in HWF. Chance points at the audience and Flying Devil exits the ring. You guys are the ones who helped me out the most, cheering me on in each match, never turning on me. I truly appreciate that and love you guys from the bottom of my heart. Now as for Flying Devil, you all are wondering why I slapped his hand away. It's because anytime my mind goes idle I begin to think about one moment, one moment only. That moment is none other than when you, Devil, slapped me across the face after I took a Devil's Whisper on top of the cell. I HAVE ONLY RESPECTED YOU! You turn around and pull that shit on me. No. Devil you better be prepared for anything you son of a bitch, I'll teach you not to slap me again. Don't disrespect me, but either way I am taking that belt back where it belongs, with me. 

Chance shakes Jonathan's hand, afterwards Jonathan leaves the ring. Chance holds the crown and sits next to his trophy and the crowd chants "You deserve it!" 

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