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Mayhem 9/23/2016... The closing moments of the tag team title match.. Aiden James counters a kick Dashing Dustin putting Dustin down with a desperation backbreaker. Slowly rising from one knee Aiden runs to his partner and tags in the Amazing Punk as Dashing Dustin tags in Cam Korder they rush each other Punk goes for the super kick Cam counters and flips Punk over for a pinfall... Aiden attempts to save his partner but is tripped by Dashing Dustin before he can break the count.. As the referee's hand slams down to signal 2.. then the decisive 3.  The arena is hit with the Dashing Duo's music as they celebrate retaining the tag titles, grabbing their titles they exit the ring and stop.. They hug and look at their titles knowing they just dodged a bullet..As the make their way up the ramp Aiden James has climbed back into the ring..Mic in Hand... He stands over Amazing Punk who is sitting crosslegged. And brings the mic to his lips..

Aiden : Whoa Whoa hold up there...Dashing Duo....I want you to hear this. And when I'm done I want you to take it to heart.  Congratulaions on the win in what has to be the most epic encounter you two 80's fasion throwbacks have had in a long time..  And you can count your blessings that you escaped with those titles..Because you see..You couldnt bdeat me you couldnt hold me down, I know how to beat you. This team can beat you... Which brings me to the Amazing Punk....

At this point Steven Styles enters the ring with a neckbrace and a cast on his left arm from his most recent beatdown..

Steven : Hold up Aiden , Why are you raining on the Champs title defense..You lost ..Let them enjot this...

Aiden : Shut the Fuck Up Styles!! Before I make sure your jaw is wired shut!! Furthermore I didnt lose..This sorry excuse of a partner lost...He cost us the titles tonight just as he cost us the match 2 weeks ago.. *Turning to Punk* You're the reason we lost..I have outshined you in every aspect of wrestling. You're done Punk .. I don't need you.. *Aiden stands over Punk and kicks him in the head, making Punk see stars , dazed Punk crawls to the ropes and begins to pull himself up. Aiden is there to help him and pushes Punk into the nearest turnbuckle* You see those two standing there?? That could have been us!! But you no longer have what it takes to keep up..

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Just then the music hits and out walks the Chaos Champion Jaime Silvester* Jamie  walks past the Dashing Duo, stopping to stare them down and look at their titles, smiles and holds the Chaos title above his head in their faces. He grabs a mic and enters the ring..

Jamie : Aiden Aiden Aiden...Hold on a bit there , I can see your frustrations with this bloke. After all I did pin him earlier tonight as I once again retained the Chaos Title!! *Jamie holds the title up and the fans begin to chant his name "Let's Go Jamie ..Let's Go!! " rings throughout the Mayhem Arena* Thank you all for that, and I'm going again next week..But to the task at hand..Aiden you don't need this bloke anymore you say...And just at the same time that I myself am looking for a partner...

Aiden begins to grin and shakes his head as he laughs.. The laughter stops as soon as it began,and is replaced by a look of contempt and anger.. Aiden grabs Punk from the corner and throws him into the ropes as Punk rebounds he is hit by a vicious clothesline from the Chaos Champ..Who stands up and gets into the face of Aiden James.. The Dashing Duo have a look of concern and shock on their faces as does Steven Styles..Aiden doesnt back down from Jamie. He raises the mic....

Aiden : So let me get this..You want a partner..Right?? *Jamie nods. amd looks around the arena* You think you can do better than that chump,you just laid out?? Jamie : I can do better...I can bring home the gold as you can clearly see.. Yeah I see that..And I want what those two hippies have..I'm not stopping and I won't let anything stop me til I've got that gold!! Do you dig it!!??  Jamie : Mate not only do I dig that...Why don't we give em' a taste right now?? Jamie and Aiden make their way to exit the ring and they don't see a charging Punk as he slams Aiden to the ground and starts beating on him. The Dashing Duo look at each other and look back eyes wide mouths gaping open..Aiden rolls over Punk and begins hitting him back . Punk blocks and pushes James off, getting to his feet he attepts to kick the rising Aiden who ducks and kicks Punk in the stomach setting him up for "Love Bites (Styles Clash)" hitting his finisher Aiden picks up the mic..You want a partner Jamie??? You want to win those titles?? I say let's do it!! They can't beat me and along with you...THEY CAN"T BEAT US!!! So yeah, get this sorry piece of garbage out of our ring!! Dashing Duo...What you just saw was Punk getting taken out with what I like to now call...50 Shades of Aiden (Styles Clash) We are coming for those titles and we don't give a rat's ass who you put in front of us... The Dashingn Duo begin to clutch their titles as they head up the ramp, visibly pissed... Jamie : Wait Wait just a sec there boys..You see ..WE HAVEN'T TOLD YOU THE BEST PART.. See boys The Death Club is...you know ...* Aiden Shrugs* Dead!! From now on you'll be dealing with the James Gang!!!  The Arena erupts into chants of James Gang over and over with a mixture of boos thrown in..The Dashing Duo having heard enough continue up the ramp pointing at the ring and slapping their titles yelling "Bring It" Oh we are bringing it!! And when we do what I set out to accomplish on this road to glory, and thats take down you two Pretty Boys, all the people will remember of this is The James Hang raising those straps above our heads!! Hit our music!!

The James Gang shakes hands and look at Steven Styles who comically tries to exit the ring tangling himself in the ropes and falling to the floor screaming in pain.. As the music continues and we fade to commercial..



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