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Amazing Punk Walk Into The Ring 

Amazing Punk: Cut My Music....HWF Fans You Know The Resson Why I'm Out Here Becuse Aiden James Have A New Tag Panter That Cute Becuse I DONT FUCKIING CARE THAT YOU NEW SOUL MATE. Now I Don't Care Of Aiden James Anymore... Now Going Plan To Going After HWF World Heavywight Champion Aka Dan Ryan Aka John Cena Of The HWF.....Becuse In My Hold Career I Only Want Be Come HWF World Heavywight Champion.....(HWF Fans Cheer On Amazing Punk) So Dan Ryan I Going Face You Tonight When I Win And Beat Your Ass I MY TITLE SHOT WHAT PPV WERE AT GETTING MY HWF WORLD HEAVYWIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP AND I'M NEW DEVIL'S KIGHT...BITCH.....(HWF FANS CHEER) SO HIT MY MUSIC


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HWF Fans Said HWF HWF HWF!!!!!!

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HWF World Champion Dan Ryan comes out with a microphone

Dan: You just don't get it do you? You just don't. Punk, I've sit idly by and watch you insert yourself into everyone's feud like this is your own little fanfiction and you're the main character for way too long. And quite frankly, it's getting really fucking old. Last time I checked, you're just some insignificant dumbass who can't even outspeak a 4th grader. You know what those cheers are that you got Punk? Well hang on. Let me show you.

Dan pulls out his phone and plays back the exact same "cheering" Punk got after his "promo".

Dan: ...sound familiar? The very same "cheers" you got, I found with a simple fucking Youtube search. And the HWF chants? Made by the guys in the back for when people like you can't get a reaction to save your life. I mean holy shit Punk, you brought in a chair last week during your match, and then had the gall to bitch to management that your OPPONENT should've been disqualified when he blocked the shot. It takes a special kind of stupidity to actually think that. I didn't even think it was possible, yet here you are. The fact that you're here in HWF is a fucking joke. You change your theme every week, you change your gimmick after seeing something on TV, and to be honest the only thing consistent about you is that someone should've told you this a long fucking time ago. You call me the "John Cena of HWF", which is actually pretty accurate. He doesn't give up, he's the face that runs the place, and the most important part? He takes out trash like you. There's not a single person who can understand you half the time Pu--... I'm sorry. I'm not using that name. Because this isn't some "Amazing Punk" I'm talking to. It's a manchild with an ego the size of Texas. And this isn't Dan Ryan the wrestler talking to Amazing Punk. This is Daniel Joseph Ryan, the person, to Nicolis Jordan Garcia, the manchild who should be nowhere near the main event.

A few fans start to boo Dan but mostly cheer at the shoot promo.

Dan: Do you hear that? THAT is what a genuine reaction sounds like. THEY are one of the reasons why I do this. THAT, and to be the very best in the world and this championship is proof of that. This week is my 5-year anniverary with HWF, Garcia. What have you done in that time exactly? You quit the company, won a tag title, quit the company again, quit the company a third time, bitched and moaned, inserted yourself into every feud you possibly could, quit a FOURTH time, and then got your ass kicked by Jesse "The Tattooed Jobber" Serrano. And tonight? We're gonna add one more to it when I beat the ever-living shit out of you and make sure you never come anywhere close to this championship again

Dan tosses the mic right in front of Amazing Punk's face, letting it hit the ground as he exits the ring with HIS World Heavyweight Championship.

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