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Insania Umbra
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The Cell surrounding the ring had lifted at the end of the HWF World Title match, Chance and Dan are barely able to get up, The ref comes over and helsp Chance up and hands him the World title, as he falls down to take in his world title win a loud bell rang across the arena, as it turned dark.

There was a silence in the air of the arena, at this point the lights had been of for a short time and turned back on to see Lucy standing infront of Chance.

Chance: /Looking up to see Lucy/ What the hell is going on here!?!?

Lucy only gave Chance an evil smile followed by a laugh, Chance slowly got to both his feet and turned, Immediately dropping his belt and was grabbed by Terumi and hit with a hellacious Sit-out Chokebomb. Terumi sat there for a moment laughing at Chances unmoving body. Dan at the point had regained a small amount of consciouness and slowly got up to see Terumi sitting and laughing. Dan took this oppotunity to try and hit Terumi but only enraged him. Dan tried to run at Terumi but was caught and got hit with a Tombstone. Terumi grabbed the World title and layed it inbetween the two opponents and laughed as his music began to play.


The music plays for a moment before a bell rings again and the lights go off and back on leaving Chance and Dan in the ring .


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