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Brayden Adams is seen walking out in the locker room area.. He is walking all over until finally a interviewer comes up and begins to ask him questions..

Tod Romer: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Tod Romer and right beside me is The Hardcore Icon Brayden Adams. Brayden has been all over the world competing in hardcore and deathmatch type wrestling for over 5 yea...

Brayden interrupting Tod..

Brayden: It's ten you idiot. Don't try and discredit my career to do you hear me? Brayden says with a more stern and aggressive tone.

Tod Romer: Oh.. I'm sorry Brayden I didn't mean to offend you.. Anyways he has been in the hardcore and deathmatch style wrestling for 10 years! Traveling all over from Japan, Germany, Russia, and Poland! Brayden I do have to ask what brings you here to the HWF?

Brayden: I'm here to set a record straight. Some of these pests think they know what "hardcore" "extreme" and "violent" matches are like. They don't know ANYTHING! See Chance? Or whoever the hell he is, is the HWF World Champion? That boy and his contenders couldn't clean my boots let alone lace them if they had the chance.

Brayden: See I don't just want gold, no I want to hurt people I want people to realize that I'm going to be the face of this company and that I will destroy them. See me? I've been through hell I've gone through it all. I have survived and thrived my friend I am The Hardcore Icon, I am the FACE of Hardcore Wrestling.

Tod Romer: So, your sights are clear do you plan on rushing straight through and going to the top of the mountain or do you have a plan?

Brayden: My plan? My plan is to destroy, hurt, and brutalize thee entire HWF roster. I plan on showing everyone and these dumb fans..

Fans give a huge boo towards Brayden to where they can hear it in the back..

Brayden: Those dumb fans are going to realize I don't care about their damn booes and their heroes I am reality. And HWF is going to get a reality check. 

Brayden suddenly walks off as Tod is left in the background the camera pans away back to the announcers table..

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