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Not a suggestion but didn't see a thread for this maybe call this Suggestion Box/Help Thread? :P

But anyways I've noticed Steven Styles has been a primary interviewer and in my RP I added Tod Romer. So just being nice doesn't need to be used if it doesn't want to be or members don't feel like reading or caring about this post hehe. I made a small list of 4 interviewers if anybody wanted to spice up the personas of the interviewers! :)

Steven Styles (Original HWF interviewer)

Tod Romer (New intern interviewer timid tends to make mistakes)

Corey Hunt (Stern takes no shit interviewer but askes hard questions)

Stacy Clark (Easy going interviewer askes all around questions)

Just something simple and trying to help out let me know what you think and if it helps anyone!

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