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The following is a backstage interview after a commercial break on the 1/13/17 edition of Mayhem.


Mayhem returns from commercial break with the camera focused on veteran HWF interviewer and reporter, Steven Styles.

 Steven Styles: Ladies and gentleman, here with me now is HWF Hall of Famer and one half of The Dashing Duo, Cameran "The Cam" Korder. Cam, thanks for joing us.

 The camera zooms out to show Cam standing beside Steven.

 Cam Korder: No problem, bud. It's good to be here.

 Steven Styles: Cam, I'm sure you've heard people talking. Ever since you and your partner, Dashing Dustin, lost your title rematch to the HWF Tag Team Champions, Ink-Olution, rumors have been circulating about the status of Dustin's health. Many have speculated that Dustin suffered an injury during that match.  Can you comment on the validity of these rumors?

Cam Korder:  Certainly, Steven.  First, we want to apologize for taking so long to make a comment.  We were waiting on some final test results to come in before we made an announcement.  This morning, those test results came in.  I can confrim that my partner did indeed suffer a serious shoulder injury at Christmas Carnage.  They're saying that he's going to be out at least 3 or 4 months.

Steven Styles:  I'm sure i speak for all the HWF fans out there when I say that we are sorry to hear that, Cam.  How will this affect the Duo as well as your singles career?

Cam Korder:  The Dashing Duo will be back.  Dustin will return later this year at which time we will be going back after those glorious Tag Titles.  In the meantime, I am going to focus on my singles career.  Last week, I won the HWF Chaos Championship for the 4th time.  Tonight, I have to defend it to the newest HWF prospect, Brayden Adams.  I have to go now Steven because that match is coming up next.

Steven Styles:  Of course.  Good luck in your title defense and we hope to hear from you again soon.

The camera cuts to the entrance ramp as Brayden Adams' entrance music begins playing.

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