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This takes place during the 1/2/17 edition of Mayhem.

Chance and Demon have had sever miscommunications during this match.  Demon started the match off by tagging himself in and then when Chance was thrown into their corner Demon chopped Chance across the chest to tag in. As Demon was waiting for Jamie to get up Chance got in the ring. Dan Ryan ran into the ring too. Demon turned around and narrowly avoided a Superkick, it hit Dan Ryan instead. Demon pushed Chance with a force to knock him through the ropes and down in front of Atusto Kyoto. When he turned around Jamie pounced on him, hitting him with punch after punch. Jamie bounces off the ropes looking for a clothesline to level Demon, but instead gets hit with a Pearl Harbor(F-5). Dan Ryan still recovering in his own corner, but across the ring was his partner getting pinned in the opponents corner. 1...2... Chance tags himself in. Atsuto yells at Chance and gets met with a Superkick. Demon stares down Chance, Dan Ryan runs over and hits Demon with a Superkick in the back of the head. Chance sends Demon over the ropes and gets in the ring. He dodges Dan's Superkick and hits one of his own. Jamie has just gotten to his feet using the ropes to get met with a Superkick. A bloodied, beaten and damaged Jamie Silvester drops to his knees. Chance makes a finger pistol and fires it, then hits a Superkick. 1...2...3.

HWF Announcer: Your winners Cha...

The announcer gets leveled with a Spear. Demon and Chance stare face to face.

Atsuto Kyoto: HAHAHAHAHA You guys have been fighting for three years now. The two of you beat the World Champ and Extreme Rules Champ without even being on the same page. You two just need to form a team.

Chance gestures a handshake toward Demon, Atsuto nods to him. Demon grabs his hand and shakes it, but doesn't let go.

Atsuto: Just because you and Mr. Demon are a team doesn't mean you won't get beaten down by him anymore.

Demon lifts him up on his shoulders and hits a Pearl Harbor. Atsuto and Demon leave the ring leaving Chance behind. 

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