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Amazing Punk (Class of 2014)

Amazing Punk is one of the most popular

wrestlers in HWF history.  

He has been with the company since early 2011, and has been a legendary main eventer ever since.

Punk was also the winner of the first ever HWF

Money In The Bank Match as well as the second ever HWF WORLD CHAMPION.

On March 29th, 2014, Amazing Punk was honored by being inducted into the HWF Hall of Fame.

Grime (Class of 2014)

The HWF Extreme Rules Division can't be discussed without repeatedly mentioning Grime.

This man joined the company in late 2011 and went on to become the most successful wrestler in the history of the Extreme Rules Division.

Grime has made it known that the HWF Extreme Rules Championship is his favorite title in the company.

He has won the title an astonishing FIVE times, more than any other wrestler in HWF history.

Throughout these five title reigns, Grime has only actually been beaten for the title once.  

All the other times the title was vacated due to a company-wide hiatus.

Grime has proven his dedication and legacy in this company, which is why he was in the inaugural HWF Hall of Fame Class.

JTD (Class of 2014)

JTD is one of the most successful and loyal wrestlers in the Hardcore Wrestling Federation.

He has been with the company since early 2011 and and has worked his way to the top of the roster.

In the early part of his career, JTD dominated the Tag Team Division by winning the HWF Tag Team Championships on FOUR separate occasions, tied with Flying Devil as the most reigns in the history of the titles. 

In the last year, JTD has left the Tag Division to become a singles wrestler.

This led to him winning his first ever HWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

He is still at the top of the roster as he main evented HARDCORE MANIA against Blaze for the HWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

Inducting JTD into the HWF Hall of Fame was a no-brainer.

Flying Devil (Class of 2014)

If there is one man that can be considered the heart and soul of the HWF, it is this man.

As of 2014, Flying Devil was the only HWF Original still on the active roster.

He has been with the company since the opening show on December 29th, 2010, when he became the first ever HWF WORLD CHAMPION.

Since this night, Flying Devil has won the HWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP one more time to become a 2x WORLD CHAMPION.

Flying Devil is also tied with JTD as the two most successful Tag Team wrestlers in company history, having won the HWF Tag Team Titles on 4 separate occasions.

Flying Devil loves the Hardcore Wrestling Federation, and was honored by being inducted into the HWF Hall of Fame.

Blaze (Class of 2015)

It has been four years now since Blaze first debuted in the Hardcore Wrestling Federation.

In that time, he has become one of the most popular and successful wrestlers in company history.

He is a two-time HWF World Champion.

Blaze also defeated JTD in the main event of the inaugural HARDCORE MANIA in a 60-minute iron-man match.

This match is now considered to be one of the best and most brutal HWF matches of all-time.

This match also included the infamous "codebreaker off of a ladder onto the steel floor spot" that JTD hit Blaze with.

To this day, both wrestlers still have injuries from that match.

Blaze was also in the main event of HARDCORE MANIA 2, this time against Justin Sane.

On April 3rd, 2015, Blaze was finally given his rightful spot in the HWF Hall of Fame.

Cameran "The Cam" Korder (Class of 2015)

Cameran "The Cam" Korder has perhaps the most wild origin story of any wrestler in the HWF.

Cam started his career in early 2011 as an HWF camera man.

He shocked the world when he started interfering in HWF matches.

It wasn't long before he was given a new contract as a full-time wrestler.

Eventually, he earned the right to challenge Youngblood for the HWF World Championship at 3 Stages of Hell 2011.

Korder shocked the world by defeating Youngblood to capture his first HWF World Championship.

Since then, Cam Korder has gone on to win one more World Championship and two Tag Team Championships.

Cam's career is far from over, but he was honored on April 3rd, 2015, by being inducted into the HWF Hall of Fame.

Maverick (Class of 2015)

Maverick is one of only two wrestlers in the company today who competed at the very first HWF show.

Throughout the first year of HWF, Maverick was one of the most infamous wrestlers on the roster.

He became one half of the first ever HWF Tag Team Champions along with Tre Dunn.

Later on, he would form a team with Flying Devil to capture two more Tag Team Championships.

Maverick and Devil eventually split and have since become bitter rivals.

The two will finally got a chance to settle their differences when they fought inside Hell in a Cell at HARDCORE MANIA 2.

Maverick won this match by choke-slamming Devil through the top of the cell.

Maverick has always been a huge name in the HWF.

Many fans hate him, but they love to hate him.  He is a huge part of why the company has been so successful.

On April 3rd, 2015, he received his rightful spot in the HWF Hall of Fame.

Dan Ryan (Class of 2016)
When you think of the titans of the HWF few names come to mind. Flying Devil, the first World Champ. Amazing Punk, the fan favorite. JTD, the insane one. Grime, a six time Extreme Rules Champion. Many people disregard Dan Ryan, but really he may be the biggest titan in the industry.

Dan Ryan, the creator of the Slate Hill Street fight, has accomplished many things in HWF. His first taste for gold was in the tag division. Kaza and Dan Ryan won the titles, but couldn't hold on to them for long. They held on to the titles for a week before they lost them on All Hallows' Eve, never to win them again. After losing the Tag Titles Dan Ryan went on to pursue a singles career in the HWF.

Looking to acquire  HWF's World Championship, the most prestigious title in the company. Dan Ryan did just that on 1/24/2012, but lost it in 12 minutes and 37 seconds to Blaze.  That isn't where his singles career ended though. Shortly after Dan Ryan went on to compete against Grime for the Extreme Rules Championship and beat Grime. He was the first one to defeat Grime in a title match to dethrone the "King of the Extreme Rules division." Over the five years HWF has existed there have been two Triple Crown Champs, the first being Dan Ryan, a well deserved HWF Hall of Famer throughout his four year plus career having won all the belts as well as having many glorious matches and feuds. Then on 8/26/16 Dan Ryan shocked the world when he answered Kit Givens' Open Challenge and beat him via the U MAD KICK into a Determin-KNEE-nation. Kit Givens quit the company in frustration, just another thing for Dan to add to his list of accomplishments.

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